"Blue Don't Make me Cry" Wiley from Atlanta

Drawing a wide variety of inspiration from blues contemporaries such as Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters to the modern storytellers of Hip-Hop such as Andre 3000 and Anderson Paak — Wiley From Atlanta doesn’t just break down genre barriers he blends them into a sound that is all his own. 

“Blue Don’t Make Me Cry,” was sparked by the death of a close friend and the end of a dying relationship. The album has a keen eye to the past, but still crawls toward resolution. Out of all the themes, Escape may be the most prevalent, however Wiley isn’t running away. He is lamentably stammering in another direction - His pace picking up as the album progresses. As momentum builds the songs grow, peaking with the anthemic "This Ain't Love." Toward the end of the albums journey, it is hard to remember where you began. the past finally seems distant. You have escaped, but at what cost?

Music Videos

Directed by Ben Searles

Thematically, our goal was to dig into the idea of a journey, physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Using the backdrop of both the arc of a romantic relationship, as well as the arc of a person’s life. We examined acceptance, change, and resolution — even after some sort of traumatic event.



"This Ain't Love"



All photos by Ben Searles