Third Reflection

The Second time volunteering service is different from the First one. First time, we sat in front of the laptops and help immigrants to put their information into the laptops, which made me had a close touch and a totally new experience with these immigrants. However, in the Second time volunteering service, the staffs in the New American Campaign arranged my dear friend Seb and I to make up their mess-up files.

When we know we have to make up these numerous numbers of mess-up files. We felt so boring and unbelievable to do this kind of stubborn thing. Even you see we look like smiling when we took a photo, but actually we were forced smile because of these files, we did not know when would we be able to finish these work.

We started to work on the file that was labeling an A, which means their family name on the documents should start with A can be in this A file. So, from A to Z files, Seb and I spent a long time to finish this job, it is either boring or tired for us to finish it. I wanted to complain about it but I did not because I could imagine that there are more difficult and complicated work for New American Campaign staffs. They not only need to take care of different new immigrants, but also have to finish this kind of boring work. To deal with immigration things is different from myself's experience and the things that we studied and talked in our classroom. When we made a discussion in our classroom we think every thing is easy. However, when we deal with it by ourself, it is such a hard job because people and people are complicated, we cannot resolve the problem easily as we studied in the book.

In the future, I hope more and more students are able to touch some things that they have studied from textbook and classroom previously, that would shape a better value for these students


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