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The lives of millions of people are better because of initiatives Eric Thurman led throughout his career. Families in more than 30 countries worked their way out of chronic poverty with microfinance services from Hope International and Opportunity International when Eric was CEO of each of those organizations. Hundreds of churches learned ways to make a difference in the lives of desperate refugees because Eric and several friends formed Exodus World Service. During his tenure as CEO of Geneva Global, that organization managed grants for a wide variety of worthy causes in half of the nations of the world. More recently, as president of the international division at David C Cook, Thurman and his team launched a program used by churches in many of the world’s hardest places to care for the emotional and spiritual needs of orphans and other children who live in difficult situations. Today, more than 17 million children participate in that program each week. Eric Thurman continues to consult with international charities, major donors, and churches, advising them on how to be most effective and grow their impact. He also champions an emerging movement of older adults who are determined to thrive during the decades they live beyond retirement.

Ways to reach Eric Thurman

  • e-mail: contact@EricThurman.com
  • mail: P.O. Box 333, Algonquin, IL 60102
  • phone: (312) 809-7009

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