American Issues Mr. bretzmann

Hi. I'm Jason Bretzmann, and your student is in our American Issues class at Muskego High School. From the first day we communicate to students that American Issues is a class that is all about us. We look at the three branches of government, the media, and other American Issues topics to determine how they impact us. And we start with asking the question, "Who Are We?" Students got to meet each other, talk a bit with each other, and share some important facts and stories about themselves. Then to practice answering the big questions that we face throughout the semester, and proving our points/supporting our reasoning with evidence, we asked another question: "Are You A Person In The World?" We answered that question for students with a resounding yes, but then they had to work on proving it. They googled themselves, searched their phones for pictures, searched family Facebook pages, and found the evidence to support their position that proves they exist in the world! We view one or two of the products students created each day, and we continue to learn more about each other, see the evidence other students collected, and notice the different tools each student used to share their body of evidence.

Students started by studying themselves. I hope you'll ask them what they found!
The research was the beginning of the process. Be sure to ask what your student's final product looked like.

Now students have started collecting evidence to prove that "Yes" is the answer to our next question: "Are there events in the world that people should know about?" Students are reading and watching a variety of news sources, discussing significant events and their impacts, and analyzing key decisions being made by governmental officials. Later this week students will share what they have created to show their body of evidence of significant events that we should know about, and take a short quiz on the vocabulary we use when talking about the media. I hope you'll ask your student what they know, and what they think about what they are reading and watching in the news. What a great conversation that will be!

Thanks for taking the time to look at this brief newsletter. I look forward to communicating with you throughout the semester. Please email me at with any questions. Take care. Jason

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