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Cooking Egg in a hole listening to Alabama Shakes this morning . We have yard work to do today and we will all be busy outdoors . So to get us motivated to get out there Kyle turned the music up in the kitchen and I'm preparing Egg in a hole and green tomato, Spinach egg scrabble .This is super fast and super easy .

Egg in a hole- ingredients :

4 or 5 eggs depending on family size

4or 5 pieces of bread depending on family size

1 stick of butter use only half of this the other half of the stick will be used for the scrabble

Scallions cut 1/2 cup

Dashes of Montreal Steak seasoning I use about 2 tbs but I just dash it on the top as I cook

Supplies needed

Frying pan or skillet

Flipping spatula

Cutting shears

Medium size round cookie cutter or biscuit cutter

Cutting knife

Cutting mat

Serving plates

Egg In A Hole Directions :

Take your bread and place your cookie cutter or biscuit cutter in the center press make the hole remove the center hole piece set to the side ,

Turn stove to med high heat place half stick butter in frying pan or skillet, when melted place your bread with a hole in it .About two to three pieces of bread in pan so you have room to move them around , crack your egg in the hole , sprinkle with Montreal steak seasoning ,and take cutting shears and cut some scallions over the bread while cooking . Do not move the bread and egg until it has cooked for 30 sec ,then if you like you can flip it after it cooks for a minute then flip back after about 15 to 20 sec . If you do not like runny yoke let cook egg side down for about 2 to 2 more minutes . If you like runny then after you flip let cook 2 minutes more egg side up , remove from pan place in serving plate garnish how you like

Egg Scrabble Ingredients:

4 or 5 eggs

3 cups of fresh baby spinach

2 cups of scallions cut

1 cup of real bacon bits and pieces

1 green tomato

The other half of the stick of butter

1 tbs of smoked paprika

A dash of black pepper

Directions for Egg scrabble ;

I do not like to waste so I take the hole part of the bread from the egg in the hole bread for this . Place the other half of the stick of butter in the frying pan or skillet turn on medium heat I tear these hole pieces of bread in half , place in pan then cut your green tomato in small chunks , place in pan , take your Spinach place in pan. Your scallion pieces , bacon bits and then mix together in pan let cook for about 5 mins then crack eggs in areas you choose over the mix let cook about 5 more minutes at this time you can either scrabble together or just let the egg cook over serve sunny up over mix ;up to you I scrabble some and leave about one sunny up cook till done about 15 to 20 mins altogether and then remove and serve.

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