Values Based On Goals Learning Objective #6

Part 1. Personal Reflection

These are the 10 values I found most important in life.
These are 5 values I found most important.
Virtue is probably the most important value to me and that virtue is what I seek in life.

Part 2. Relfection

This was kind of cool to sit back and kind of think about what you truly find most important in life. Narrowing it down to 10 was some somewhat difficult because there were so many to choose from. I find things like adventure important because I believe that you are not really living unless you are a little bit adventurous in life. I also chose knowledge because I believe it is extremely important to spread knowledge. There are too many arrogant people in todays world and I think gaining knowledge is one of the most important things in life. Narrowing it down to 5 was a little more difficult because I thought all 10 goals were quite important. I found value in things such as inner peace because I think it is important to live a peaceful stress free life. If you can find inner peace you will always be happy in life. I also found genuineness valuable because I find it truly important in life to be oneself and to act that way. I do not think someone should act like somebody they are not. That is something I have never supported. Virtue is most important to me because living morally pure and excellent causes for a wonderful life. This to me is the only way to live life, to live life excellent.

Part 3. Goals

Long-Term Goals: 1) I am going to try and gain more knowledge so I can spread more knowledge. Doing well in class and getting my degree will give me endless options to spread my knowledge. 2) I will always have hope. I maintain a positive outlook on life no matter what happens. School can be stressful and time can be tough, but you can never lose hope. 3) I will always keep growing and changing. College is a time with many new experiences and things only change as I get older. I think it is very important to understand the concept of self growth.

Short-Term Goals: 1) I will try to live each day in a moral and excellent way. I will always have a positive outlook on life no matter what these next few weeks throw at me. 2) I will accept myself as who I am. I will become more confident in school and do what needs to be done. 3) I will try and gain inner peace. I will accept myself as who I am and gain peace by making myself happy. I will stick to what I believe.


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