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Sell & Spin - History Of Advertising

  • In the middle english, advertising meant notify
  • It taps into desire, often creates desire of a product. It also creates a need where they switch it from women to men in the Marlboro product.
  • It could be a service such as a insurance.
  • Uses an image with words its called the copy.
  • In a moving advert, there is usually dialogue
  • It is a way to get their subconscious into behaviour with words.
  • Ads are everywhere. Each day you see about 3000 ads. 450 billion spent on advertising. The 1st recoginzed word on the Earth is Ok. The 2nd is Coca Cola.
  • Moving a series of images into culture.
  • The Marlboro brand went from small usage to high usage by 3000%. They recongized that their target was for the men that came back from the war and this brand gave back their freedom. They promised them that they would give them feelings of freedom.
  • If the product has flaws and if it was not appealing even if it still had the technological features. It would ruin the product no matter how much money you spend on the advertising if the product is not good.
  • On the walls of Pompeii, adverts were put there in Italy and the even played music and words there but it didn't work because the public didn't know how to read.
  • The real need of advertising explodes when there is a merchant class.
  • Leo Burnett created personalities as products. An example is Tony the Tiger for Frosties.
  • Iconography is learnt through repetition. An example is a barber shop when you see the blue red spiral then you would realise it is a barber shop.
  • The Gutinberg printing press could increase the production rather than the way in the past which was to draw every single piece at a time. It enabled mass media. All of a sudden, you could print 100 or 200 much quicker than doing by hand. After it was everywhere, there was a code where it only could be up for 2 weeks then someone else will take over.

Rosser Reeves

  • "The Hard Sell" Simplistic, Repetitious boosts
  • Direct and Strident -> Repetitive
  • "Irritate your way into people's consciousness"
  • Highlighting how product was different from others on market
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Reason why
  • Repetition of the USP -> Association

Bill Bernach

  • More sophisiticated audience -> More sophisticated advertising
  • Recongizes audience has a brain
  • Blending creativity + out with marketing + commence
  • Broke a wall between viewers & ad + product advertised

-1 point each if you get a point

Start with 13 points.

The age of the main character is younger than 40

The female character/s have no reasons for being in the picture other than to serve as love interest/ sexual object

The main character has areas where it has been photoshopped/dismemberment (Each a point)

Thin waist

Thin arms

Shiny teeth

Sparkling eyes


Happy expression

Skinny legs

The character for the objectification of women is taking more than ⅔ of the space in the image.

The image only shows one gender

The picture clearly shows stereotypical gender roles

4/13 Grade: C

Male Representation In Advertising

- Rise of male glamour model

- Objectification

- Construction of ideal male body

- Focus on abs, pecs and crotch

Comparing Female gaze to Male gaze.

Shows that men are more dominant than women.

5 things in Male Representation

- It is quite different when compared to the female representation

- Its focused on abs, pecs and crotch

- It is aimed at the youth

- Construction of ideal male body

Abercrombie and Fitch

Gender representation

This photo is trying to represent the male model as a person who is very muscular and is an example of a person who takes charge of things.


As seen from the flag behind the male model, its trying to represent how American this model is as you can see from his face, body, hair style, etc.

National Identity

This objectification of the male representation shows an example of how Americans are supposed to look ; really muscular, handsome and perfect. Constructing a stereotype for male models and Americans.


Sets an example to people that are youth to be perfection and people are spending they're youth on appearance seriously.

In the picture, there is a range of light to dark colours from black to white. The effect of the colours in the picture that was shown makes it look more visible and clear because when there is a lot of colours the background might be more eye-catching than the target person. The camera is taken using a mid shot where the crotch is cut off the picture. The angle of the camera is slightly tilted to aim at the body of the model.

In the series of images that the photographers took, it has shown 6 different perspectives when they were told what their person was in the past. Like the psychic photograph was so much different than the prisoner one where the lighting and angle it was taken from.

In this article, it suggests that the diversity in advertising is changing from what was once only a single race, mainly only one gender and people with no disabilities but now there are ads with every kind of disability with mixed genders and even same sex couples. It's also about multi-racial families too. Modern audiences don't think that a brand is contemporary if it does not use diversity in all ways. Nowadays, disabilities have been a advertising taboo and are being more thought about before they would have remained invisible in the advertising world but for the most part they are still absent.

Advertising Standards and Censorship

The Craven 'A' in the 1930s are advertising a box of cigarettes. It claims that the product is good for the throat. They are portraying cigarettes as a image of health which is good for you compared to today where it is portrayed as a negative thing. They are implying a girl in a tennis shirt is very healthy and fit. Companies would not be able to do what people were able to do back in the days since there are new regulations to prevent the negative causes it could happen today which was proved by science. It is referred to be misleading today.

Maltesers are advertising a box of chocolates. They claim that chocolate will help you keep slim. It is portrayed as it would be fun and in the image, the person was really slim.(Focusing on the waist) They cannot make the same claims for the product today since it is false advertising. Science has proved that chocolate does not make you fit but instead does the opposite. It causes you to gain weight.

The groups of people who appear to be the most vulnerable to advertising are children, disabled people and people who have illnesses that have no cure. For instance, health products are most strictly regulated because it can be misleading which may lead advertisers to be responsible. Advertisements needs to be regulated at some condition but without going too far since it may be harmful to people at a young age.

1. Make sure the advert is displayed for at most 15 seconds a time.

2. The advert does not show anything that is misleading to the audience.

3. The advert shows a clear point what they are trying to sell.

4. The advert states what is for sale.

5. No negative stereotyping.

6. Cannot broadcast violence or any other certain act that would be harmful ffor ages under 18 until 9pm.

7. An advertisement relating to any place must stay at the premises of where it is displayed.

8. Should not be a biased advertisement that would discriminate some certain people.

These controversial ads should be banned for children at a young age but ages above it will be alright to look at it since they understand the situation of the advert and not get any harm from it.

ASA is the Advertising Standards Authority. Their aim is to make sure that all uk advertising is Legal, decent, honest and truthful. LTD did receive 1513 complaints which was mostly because it was thought to be overtly sexual due to the man's clothing and dance moves. This advert was not upheld since ASA did not judge it to be offensive and in breach of code although some viewers may find it distasteful.

British Heart Foundation received complaints up to a number of 219. The nature of the complaints were distressing for adults and children to see because of talking to his dead family member (Dad). ASA did not upheld this advert since it did not scheduled to appear around children's programming but they still understood that it was upsetting for the viewers.

Omega Pharma LTD received 136 complaints about it to not appeal to ages under 18 since those actors did look under 18. ASA did upheld this advert for presenting in an inappropriate approach to body image and confidence.

Should advertisers have the freedom to say whatever they want?

To begin with, advertisers should have the freedom to say what they want but they should understand the consequences and how they will impact the public when it reaches to them. There are lots of benefits to this as well as drawbacks to this for advertisers having the freedom to say what they want.

For instance, advertisers may say facts that the public never really bothered to think about at first. This will make them understand the backstory of that situation and make you buy that product. There might be other situations where advertisers may state that the other products are not as healthy as ours which will encourage the shopper to want to buy it. Advertisers would most likely say what their strengths compared to other companies and say what other companies weaknesses are compared to them.

On the other hand, advertisers can be misleading where they might be actually saying for example, they claim that smoking is good for you but in reality it has been proven that it is detrimental to the health. Another example would be that advertisers will tell you misleading prices by not showing the actual price and cause misconceptions which is quite common today. Advertisers can show content which is inappropriate for ages under 18 such as rude language, the representation of men and women and sex.

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