The Irish Gifted Academy Education Reimagined

The Irish Gifted Academy is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year! The application process is now open, but student enrollment is capped at 80 students total for grades K-8. Stop by the Central Office, 207 Shamrock Dr., to pick up an application or download an application here. Remember: Deadlines dates are fast approaching!

Applying students should be gifted identified or be high achieving/highly motivated learners with a particular interest in the arts, humanities, sciences, and technology. IGA is designed for students who love school and who love to learn, particularly those with strong interests in the arts, humanities, sciences and technology. Gifted or talented students who are excited about learning, who are naturally curious and who learn best in a self-directed and creative educational environment are prime candidates for this program. Intrinsic motivation, deep thinking, resourcefulness, and a problem-solving disposition are some characteristics that applicants should possess.

Selection is based on evidence from student’s applications, recommendations from teachers and/or others, state test scores, and school transcripts, as well as characteristics such as:

(a) intrinsic motivation to excel;

(b) interest and advanced ability in the arts, humanities, sciences and/or technology;

(c) creativity; and

(d) ability to work well independently and in small group settings.

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