Laurize Albarracin Ministry Update En Campus Davao - February to April 2017

ENCampusDavao Testimonies

Joyce Mamoko's Testimony

Here is a testimony of Joyce Mamoko, a grade 11 student from University of Mindanao.

What I am about to share to you is not just an ordinary answered prayer from the Lord. It took a lot of patience and persistent prayer to God before He gave me the answer. It's not an ordinary answered prayer because there are times in my walk with the Lord that I doubt Him. I know the Lord is testing me in my faith but still I question: "Where is He?" Finally He made me understand His perfect timing.

I did one 2 one followup with Joyce last 2013. Fast forward 2017, Joyce is continually growing in her relationship with God and very passionate in preaching the gospel to the senior highschool students of UM. Serving God faithfully in church and still excelling in her studies. It's amazing what God can do in a life of an individual ready to be used by Him!

My father was a drug user and a casino addict. It came to the worst point of our family the worst effect of His vices. I was so emotionally and mentally challenged because I long to have a happy and Godly family even though I struggle so much in my studies because I needed the help of my father, his presence.

But I still hope in the Lord that one day He would change my father. There are times my mom & dad would argue, I couldn't help but run to my room & put a pillow in my ears trying not to hear even a single word of their misunderstandings. I even questioned God why this is happening in my family. This should not be the case because I am serving the Lord and its been the no. 1 list of my prayers on the Lord that He is going to change my father and leave all his vices at once but it seems that it is the only favor I ask from the Lord that He's not answering to me.

But surprisingly one day, my father volunteered to submit Himself to a rehabilitation program for drug dependent. It was a God's design facility that gave the turning point of my father's life to Jesus. He had an encounter with the Lord inside the rehabilitation center that made him recommit himself to serve the Lord and make Jesus as the no. 1 priority of His life.

Joyce sharing here testimony at on of our youth services. The preaching topic on that particular service was about faith - faith in action and faith that perseveres.

Just last month, March 1, 2017 he got out from the rehabilitation center he found his way back to God. Bonus pa talaga! Cuz he now leads us in prayer and bible study me and my mother & he always reminds us that in our home no matter what happens in this life we will serve the Lord.

Joyce is one of our active victory group leader and has been consistently doing one2one followup with her classmates.
If you've watch the movie God's not Dead 2 you will hear a conversation that says: "When you feel sometimes that God is a million miles away from you & it seems like He is not answering ur prayers always remember God our teacher is always quiet doing the test." - Joyce Mamoko

Rick Therese Daza's Testimony

Therese (Left) with her classmate Danah (Right) during their Victory Weekend on October 2016

Here is a testimony of Rick Therese Daza, a grade 10 student from Philippine Women's College of Davao.

I was 8 years old back then, and my story isn't as happy as what other kids can tell to people. My parents fight day and night as if they are ready to ruin each other's world. They throw hurting words at each other as if its the only option to end their argument. Umabot sa punto na wala na silang pakeelam kung sino ang nasa harap nila. Basta lang makapag ganti, malabas ang galit at magsagutan sa harap ng mga anak nila.

Therese with other Philippine Women's College attending our weekly youth service. Each face has a great testimony about God's faithfulness in their lives. Let's continue advancing God's kingdom in the campuses!

At an early age like that, I am not allowed to cry as a kid because i need to stay strong for my other siblings. Then there came a time when my parents decided to part ways and end their 15 year- marriage. Galit na galit ako sa papa ko, I grew up without his presence and I admit that it was hard. Lumaki akong may sama ng loob sa kanya, lumaki ako having that one saying, "pare pareho lang kayong mga lalake sa mundo", lumaki akong medyo may sama na ugali. but it did not hinder me to stand as an ate and a mother to my siblings.

7 years passed by, I was in my 10th grade. May nag invite for lifegroup, I got curious so I joined. At that very moment, parang may biglang kumatok sa heart ko, hanggang sa nag youth service ako and nag undergo ako ng one2one, first it was weird but parang may part sa akin na gusto ko. May part sakin na hinahanap hanap lahat ng mga sagot because at that moment, God healed Me and he answered everything. His presence healed my broken heart And he made me feel that even though my earthly father isn't around, I have him and that was enough.

I am proud to say that at the age of sixteen, I decided to surrender everything to Him. I welcomed him into my life and at this very moment, i am so happy and contented. I am currently an active volunteer at victory And I think its my turn to look for people who needs God in their life. It's my turn to tell them that His grace changed everything.

PS: hindi pala pare pareho mga lalake sa mundo 😊 May panginoon palang di ka sasaktan at handa kang mahalin ng buong puso. - Rick Therese Daza

February 2017 to April 2017 Activities

Victory Weekend Season 1

Last February 17 & 18 we had our first Victory Weekend for 2017. Not just that,this is also the first one to be held in our new center.

Interns Huddle

EN Campus Davao had it's first Interns Huddle last February. The goal of this activity is to gather the interns, those students who have the potential to lead victory groups, and equip & challenge them to become leaders.

MindaNowOne and ENC Boot Camp

Victory Mindanao gathers annually to be aligned to our vision as a church. This gathering is also to equip and strengthen the relationship among the pastors, staff and campus missionaries of Victory Mindanao. Mindanao for Jesus!

Victory Davao Youth Service Graduation Edition

March is graduation and moving up season. We decided to have a youth service graduation edition to honor the students who graduated college also to the grade 10 students moving up to senior high school. In doing this we are casting the vision to those students who are still studying that we value faithfulness in whatever season God has us in. We also invited teachers and the parents to attend and gave them honor as well.

ENCampus Men and Women's Meeting

We invited guest speakers Jano Enrile (Campus Missionary of Victory Gensan) and Iris Samonte (Campus Missionary of Victory Zamboanga) to speak about manhood and womanhood. The students were refreshed by our guest speakers testimonies and the biblical truths they shared about these topics.

ENCampusDavao Spiritual Gifts Test

Part of equipping our leaders to live out God's call for their lives is to help them identify their God given spiritual gifts. For April's Leaders Huddle, we let them take the spiritual gifts test and the overall top 3 gifts of our students are: 1) Faith 2)Encouragement and 3)Music. In the coming months, we will be gathering them once again to teach them how to move in these spiritual gifts.

Do you happen to know anyone that has the same passion as us , to reach the next generation?

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