Life Choice is The Right Choice connect with others

Most students at Liberty University are not eager enough to volunteer his or her time serving others for many reasons, like tiredness from busy class schedules, lack of extra time, much needed studying, and of course having a personal life.

Life Choice brings together a diversified group of students setting aside time to volunteer and work together for a greater cause.

Knowing your identity is extremely important, in order to properly engage with the people around you, and impact his or her life in a positive way.

Students effortlessly giving their time to other people in his or her surrounding environment, will open doors to ministry, and building connections.

Happiness can not only be found in self-gratification, career preparation, and in a personal social life, but also in the ability to work through tough life issues, to be better physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Life Choice helps students to make good choices in life, rather than bad ones. Through understanding why serving is important, and learning to lead, students will find themselves less likely in bad situations.

Students will be less involved in drinking...

be engaged in raving or partying...

or smoking and trying new drugs.

Through Life Choice, students will build healthy connections and relationships with others, rather than being in broken relationships. Life Choice is about community building and helping others through serving.

In the program Life Choice, students will not only build relationships with others, but with God. Doing so will lead to incredible breakthroughs and tremendous growth within families, friendships, and one's self.

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Takyra Teasley


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