Polygamy Should it be legal?

Definition: The act of having two or more wives.

History: Polygamy was widely accepted until the Roman Empire and Roman Catholic Church imposed the rule of having only one wife (monogamy). In the U.S. it was allowed during the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it ended in 1899 when members of the church began to be thrown out because of polygamous acts.

Statistics: More than 3 billion people still believe in the act of Polygamy. Also, over 2 billion women and children still live under the oppression of Polygamy. Polygamy is still legal in over 150 third world countries in Africa and the Middle East. Nigeria is home to the most polygamists (40 million)

Pros: Many individuals who practice polygamy have pooled incomes, split responsibilities, and built in family support, freedom of choice, and receive an abundance of love.

Cons: On the other hand, polygamists experience jealousy between spouses, not spending enough time with every single child, and causes abuse of power within the relationships.

Against Polygamy: The law in every state prohibits a man or woman from being married to more than one living person at a time. The crime of having more than one current spouse is called either bigamy(having two spouses) is a subset of the crime of polygamy(having more than one spouse), and the law makes no practical distinction between the two.

"The Study finds significantly higher levels of rape, kidnapping, murder, assault, robbery, and fraud in polygamous cultures"

Marriage is made for one man and one woman to be united into one unbreakable union.

For Polygamy: Should Be Legalized: * Polygamy is a valid lifestyle

* Raising children is easier

* Polygamy is legal in other countries

* Prevents adultery

* Provides an in-family support

* There are more woman then men in the world

"In other countries, polygamy is positively celebrated such as, for example, in Swaziland where the king has 13 wives"

People have become more open to marriage ideas with the recent wide acceptance of the LGBTQ community; people are more open than ever.

Credits- Research: Nate, Adela, Autumn

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