Oakfield News Issue 51 28th February 2020

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Reflections from our Head

I remember being told as a child that it was important not to have too much time staring at the TV screen (no computers or mobile devices then, thank goodness!) and that being outside in the fresh air and looking at the green of the trees (my grandmother set great store by this) was good for the eyesight and general health and well-being - we certainly spent huge amounts of time outside playing, and of course the weather was always sunny......

I am sure that there was a lot of inherent wisdom in our parents' and grandparents' generations, and it often seems these days as if this is coming full circle. We now worry endlessly about 'screen time', about children's social and language development and about their freedom to be outdoors exploring and building confidence, physical skills and discovering the natural world. The Duchess of Cambridge has been in the news in recent months with her work on supporting Early Childhood development and stressing the importance of outdoor learning through the work of such organisations as The Garden Classroom.

At Oakfield we try as often as possible to get the children outside, both on our own site and in local green spaces. Forest School is an area of the curriculum we are keen to develop, as the benefits of being outside are well-documented in research - a recent study based at University College London concluded that children tend to far better academically if they have plenty of access to green spaces. There are ten top reasons for spending time outdoors:

  • It encourages natural curiosity
  • It encourages children to be active learners
  • It encourages them to become more observant
  • It helps cognition, especially visual spatial memory
  • It helps to build connections in their learning
  • It builds confidence and, crucially, resilience
  • It reduces sadness and stress
  • It promotes a sense of well-being
  • It encourages appreciation of the environment
  • It builds a greater sense of environmental awareness

I wish you a happy, outdoor weekend (the latest storm permitting!)

Moyra Thompson



Hopefully you will have seen the upcoming Coffee Mornings with our Head Moyra Thompson advertised on the school noticeboards or at Early Birds Club. We would love to see as many of you there as possible. The Coffee Mornings have been setup by Year Group and are as follows:


Dear parents and carers,

We are delighted to share our exciting news about your child’s class name. We will be naming all the Pre-Preparatory classes up to Year 2!

Please find below the names assigned, which we have focused around local trees in our Oakfield!

Please note that the abbreviated class name will still appear on all documents, and that the fun ‘tree’ names are for the children to identify their classes more easily.


  • Acorn Class

Lower Foundation

  • LFLC Elm Class
  • LFKS Ash Class
  • LFLS Pine Class

Upper Foundation

  • UFWN Aspen Class
  • UFKT Willow Class
  • UFSP Chestnut Class

Year 1

  • 1SD Birch Class
  • 1AR Hawthorn Class
  • 1AW Maple Class

Year 2

  • 2MF Sycamore Class
  • 2CS Poplar Class

Best wishes,

Wendy Nicholson, EYFS Lead


Miss Francis is organising an 'Eco Day' for Oakfield pupils on Thursday 7th May 2020. She has already arranged for a member of the Eco team at Lambeth council to lead an assembly in the morning and has organised for two STEM ambassadors to run workshops with each year group throughout the day. However, if there are also parents/guardians who work within this field and are available and interested in leading an environment themed activity with particular classes/year groups on this date, please get in touch by emailing: cfrancis@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk


We want you to write a poem about food waste to enter into the ‘Too Good to Go’ competition. The winner will receive a £100 book voucher for themselves, a £200 book voucher for their school library and a food waste fighting pack!

Your poem has to be about food waste. Entrants could submit a rhyming set of instructions relaying the best tip for using up stale bread, a haiku that describes their favourite way to fight food waste, or a couplet that simply emphasises how silly the food waste problem is.

The best poems will be those that balance a good knowledge of the food waste issue with clever creativity.

Please submit entries to Miss Francis by Mon 23rd March 2020 (either on paper or typed to cfrancis@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk)


This week we have been talking about travelling on the water. The children have enjoyed lots of practical floating and sinking experiments and used recycled goods to design boats. They wrote letters to friends and family as if they were marooned on a desert island, and we discussed why bottles with air inside float. The children thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Beep-beep’ Perform Drama Workshop!

Boat-ally awesome!

In phonics this week, we have been learning the ‘or’ sound. Please recap on all sounds learnt so far and practise writing words containing these. Continue to find familiar and unfamiliar words in your child’s environment and encourage them to have a go at reading for different purposes.

Pulling out all the stops at drama workshops!

In Maths, we have been looking at capacity and using the language of full, half full, empty, half empty, nearly empty and nearly full. We have also had a look at estimation, and the children have been making careful and considered guesses about how many objects there might be.

Travelling to greater heights of knowledge!

Year 1

Round and round we go!

In topic this week the children continued to learn about forces.

What makes a good spinning top?

When you spin a top fast, it has a lot of angular momentum. This makes the top stable. The greater the angular momentum, the longer the top will spin. Friction between the top and the air and surface on which it is spinning eventually causes the top to slow down and lose its angular momentum.

The children had so much fun seeing how long their spinning top would spin for. There was a lot of fierce competition. We think Mr Roye’s spinning top spun the longest!

This class was the tops!

Year 3

Have your pan-cake and eat it!

3CF learnt about Shrove Tuesday and followed a recipe carefully to make our own delicious pancakes! Miss Francis and Mr Meza even flipped them too! We all decided that they taste best when fresh out of the pan with lots of lemon and sugar. Yum!

This day certainly didn't fall flat as a pancake!

Year 5

Wet Break in 5AZ

5AZ didn't let a wet break break their spirits. Both the rain and creative juices were flowing as the boys built a brick llama called ’Leo.’

Llama drama from these real charmers!


This term in Drama we have been exploring character through shape. Trying to imagine how different shapes would move, sound and interact. Last half term, we took these shapes and created characters which were put into stories and performed to each other.

This week we have been creating human sculptures, building on our shape and character work. Here are some photographs of Year 5’s work:

Year 5 throwing some shapes!


JAPS Development Netball Friday - 7th Feb

Our 2 netballing teams took off from Oakfield on a cold and blustery afternoon. We kicked off our netballing season with re-establishing netball rules and games plans. We played many matches in a round robin tournament where each team played one another. As Oakfield had fielded 2 teams we had the unusual circumstance of Oakfield A playing Oakfield B.

All the girls played well with Marnnasha M and Niah NC being awarded Oakfield players of the tournament – well done.

Alleyn’s A team Netball tournament - 14th Feb

In preparation for the upcoming ISA Regional competition, Oakfield took our strongest team to Alleyn’s to play in a round robin A team tournament. The girls dusted off their Netballing skills and improved round on round, game on game and in the end came a very respectable 4th place. Congratulations to everyone who played. Oakfield player of the tournament was Lara A. Well done Lara!

Dulwich College Football Tournament

Both teams played 8 matches at Dulwich College and did excellently! Thank you to parents who came to watch and provide support.

Dul-wich way is it gonna go?

ISA London South Regional Cross Country Finals- Radnor House Sevenoaks

The day had everything- very fast runners, slippery slopes, muddy puddles even some rain and hail! Thank you to the parents who came down to support, we always appreciate seeing you on the 'touchline'.

Well done to ALL our runners and special mentions to Miller and Conor who have now qualified for the National Finals in Nottinghamshire!

Cool Runnings

House Swimming

Just before Half Term children in Years 2, 4 and 5 enjoyed a fun, friendly House Swimming Gala during their Wednesday morning session. Every child gained points for their House and had a splashing time as well. Winners of the Year 4 competition were Pearsall, seen here celebrating with Oakfield's House Swimming Cup.

Results were as follows:

YEAR 2: 1st WEBSTER 44, 2nd BAIRD 37, 3rd PEARSALL 28, 4th RUSKIN 27

YEAR 4:1st PEARSALL 68, 2nd WEBSTER 65, 3rd RUSKIN 61, 4th BAIRD 41

YEAR 5: 1st PEARSALL 68, 2nd WEBSTER 51, 3rd RUSKIN 38, 4th BAIRD 31

They were seemingly also practising for the synchronised swimming trophy


Composer of the Week

All aboard the good ship Debussy!

Claude Debussy

Dear musical dreamers,

From rip-roaring themes to impressionist dreams, we move from John Williams to the delicate rebellion of Claude Debussy. His rebellious streak led him to disagree with the teachers, who didn't like his 'modern' compositions, with his peers - and especially the Germanic symphonic form - who he felt were obsolete, and finally his own labels, as he vehemently fought against his label as an impressionist.

His work is stunning; from Clare de Lune's wistful sorrow, to the sound-painting of La Mer's stormy seas, it is hard not to get lost in Debussy's unique world.

He also has a fantastic beard.


Sam Howes (Director of Music)

Club and Activity News

Fencing Club

For the Summer Term we are delighted to announce that, among several other new clubs, Fencing Club will be available. It will be run by a great organisation called Little Musketeers and it will take place for Years 2-3, and for Years 4-6 on Friday after-school.

Get off the fence and join fencing!


M:Tech is a creative composition course in which children create exciting music using the latest music technologies. The course is available to children age 7 - 13 and is suitable for all levels of musical ability.

In the Summer 2020 term the children will be working on Project ‘ANIMATION‘. Enter the world of Animation composing music and exploring sound design, bringing the visuals to life, telling a story and creating musical personalities

Fees are £175 per term with weekly sessions of 30 minutes. Please note M:Tech is a group instrumental lesson teaching creative composition with a clear graded learning curve, therefore we apply the same terms and conditions as for instrumental lessons. Notice is required by half term in order to stop at the end of term. Please apply to join M-Tech during the Summer Term via the Parents Portal.

Watch out! One of these is the ejector button.

Upcoming Competitions

We are keen to alert you to some upcoming competitions which offer a great opportunity to practice your art and writing, and potentially win prizes at the same time! Why not give it a go over half term!?

British Science Week Poster Competition

There is an exciting poster competition we would love you to get involved in which combines the best of art and science. The theme for the British Science Week 2020 poster competition is ‘Our diverse planet’. You can find out more, including activity packs, by clicking the button below. As you will see from the website the competition is open to lots of different age categories so there's no excuse not to give it a go!

Oakfield will be collating and submitting the entries so please bring your poster into school well before the entry deadline of 3rd April .

Evesham Festival of Words Short Story Competition

It is an open entry competition with the category open to Oakfield pupils as 8-11 year olds. The word limit is 500 words and there is no specific theme or subject.

The deadline is Friday 20th March. Book tokens and trophies are there to be won so get entering!

Writing Wizadry Competition

Calling all writers of eleven years and under! If you like to write poems or stories, why not prove what a Writing Wizard (or Witch) you are, and enter our competition? You could see your work published AND win a fabulous prize!

Send us a poem or a story of fewer than 500 words and you could see it published in the Writing Wizardry anthology AND win a fantastic prize. Your story or poem can be about ANYTHING you like, so let your imagination run wild!

There are two categories for this competition each with their own magical prizes: Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6

There are no restrictions on what your story must be about but entries must be your own original work, so get scribbling! The closing date is 27th March 2020.

Cricket Writing Competition

For all cricket fans out there this competition is FREE to enter and the categories you will be interested in are 6 to 10 year olds and 11 to 14 year olds.

Your piece of work can be about cricket in general or a totally made up story about cricket. It must be your original work. Closing date is 31st March 2020 at 5pm. Why not give it a shot!


Philip Pullman 'in conversation' with Michael Rosen - 17th March

This is a rare opportunity to listen to the acclaimed and inspiring children’s authors, Philip Pullman and Michael Rosen in conversation about children’s literature. Philip Pullman will be talking about his writing and some of the stories and ideas behind his influential and much loved books.

This event is hosted by the Centre for Language, Culture and Learning and connected with the MA Children’s Literature programme at Goldsmiths, University of London. There will be a charge of £15 a head with tickets redeemable against a book by Philip Pullman or Michael Rosen from ‘The Word’ bookshop, on the night.

The event will take place in the Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre, at 5.30pm on the 17th March.

Upcoming Dates for your Diary:

Monday 2nd March:

Y3 Netball vs Rosemead

10.30am - Guest Head Assembly (Mr Hewlett from St Dunstan's)

Tuesday 3rd March:

Y1 Toy-making workshop

Y4 Adopt-a-chef

Wednesday 4th March:

LF Space Workshop

Friday 6th March:

2+ Observations

Have a wonderful weekend!


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