Eric the Red by Elliot moritz

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Country of Iceland
Date of exploration: (950-986 to 1003 or 1004)

Purpose of exploration: To find land, because Eric the Red got outlawed from all the other Scandinavian countries. If Eric the Red did not get what he wanted from someone, he would kill them.

Obstacles: Getting stuck at sea. And getting sea sick so that made it harder to get to land and it is called Greenland, and not having a lot of food. Not having a good boat to get to Greenland made travel more difficult.

Accomplishments: Discovering and getting to stay at Greenland, and not getting kicked out of all the other Scandinavian countries.


Location found: Greenland It is for this reason that in the same year he sailed west and discovered green valleys. He was extremely impressed with the new country's resources and he returned to Iceland to spread the word of "The green land".

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