ADHD by Trey Moorman

What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder"

Physical and noticeable characteristics of this disorder?

ADHD has many symptoms that can be noticed but mainly people think its from them being undisciplined. From the article ADHD Symptoms,”The person will be jittery and is hard for them to pay attention. Or the person can just not stay still. The person might act without thinking a lot or even unmotivated to do anything and is hard for them to finish a task or pay attention to details.

What are potential risk factors that may lead to this illness - “causes” of the disorder?

These people will be hyper without thinking react to even little things and do things without thinking first. Which could cause problems if they got aggravated with people. They would have to treated by taking medicine to calm them called vyvanse

Are there certain “types” of people who are prone to this illness and if so, why?

From Facts About ADHD “Mostly Children get ADHD which is guessed to be linked by genes. But scientists don’t know really to much of what causes adhd and it's still a mystery

What are prevention suggestions and strategies pertaining to this disorder?

Nothing really can prevent ADHD scientists says it deals with genes and not much can really cause you to get ADHD you basically born with it

What are the common warning signs/symptoms that may lead you to believe someone may be suffering?

The most common symptoms are mainly hyper activity also they can get really great anxiety over little things

How is this illness specifically treated?

The main medicine like i have said before Vyvanse which is mainly used to calm person who has adhd which calms the senses where helps them be able to think before reacting. Another great factor to help work on is Physical Therapy

What is the science behind this illness?

What has the research discovered?

Not much had been discovered about ADHD and what are causes just medicine that can be used to help treat it but doesn’t cure it.

How can you help a friend who may be suffering from this disorder?

Moral support and also just being very kind and nice to that person but if they're taking their treatment medicine they should act normal just can get anxiety easier but its not to serious just don't try to anxious them

5 statistics pertaining to ADHD.

ADHD is a highly genetic brain based syndrome. Mostly discovered in children or while growing up.They have really big problems with executive functioning skills. Which this social skills hyperactivity, and impulsivity

Common myths and the respective facts pertaining ADhd

The Main Myth pertaining to ADHD is that its all in their head that they are just not disciplined well and that there's nothing wrong with them. From"The 11 Biggest Myths And Misconceptions About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"That Boys only have ADHD and not girls, well its true that a 13.2 percent of boys have ADHD but girls just like boys can have it too.

More important and interesting facts

Famous people who have had ADHD or who suffer from it.

Proving that people with ADHD is just as skilled as any other people. Here is a few famous people who has this disorder. Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Michael Phelps, and Ty Pennington



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