Sarah's Portfolio! "This is the heart of an artist"

Week 1

This is Natural Lighting. Taken outside of my Grandmas house. and It is a cardinal Mid-Chirp.
This is Unique Expression taken at the Media Arts Lab at Chute Middle School
This is my self-portait that was taken at my grandmas house around when the project

week 2

This is the beginning of the picture story for the Photography Unit
This is the middle of the photography story
This is the end of the photography

These pictures represents anger to everything bad and horrific in the world. The leaf representing the bad things and my hand representing the boiled up anger.

wEEk three

I haven't taken a picture for this. My apologies.

week four

This is a picture of Jacob on a table outside in the courtyard. i honestly dont know what the emotion behind this is. but i thought it was cool.

Week five (final picture)

“Beauty is found within.” is a quote from the Disney Animatied Movie, Beauty and The Beast , It relates to many people because so many people think that they need to have Everything thats trending, thats popular, and that everyone else has and it changes them to somewhere there not personallity wise.
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Sarah Richter

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