The Ballad Of Do Nothing Man By Nick Piccone


2019 | Folk

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“He's the do nothing man, do nothing man. -- He does his best when put to the test, his best to stay out of your way. -- He's the do nothing man, do nothing man. -- He does his best when put to the test, his best to not fuck up your day."


  • The song was written for the Lions Of Liberty podcast bonus show Do Nothing Man created by Brian Mcwilliams of Electric Liberty Land.
  • The song was loosly inspired by The Hero Of Canton: The Ballad Of Jayne from the Firefly episode: Jaynestown.
  • The song was written in under ten minutes and recorded & posted online within an hour.


Luke Tatum

That Nick Piccone guy sure puts out some good material! Politics "crowds out" private action in every area from private charity to cultural issues. People in some other country are starving due to a natural disaster? We could send money ourselves, but why bother? The state will send "foreign aid." We seem to have an issue with people killing each other with guns. Move to the side for a moment the fact that the murder rate has been declining. We could focus on gun training and safety, provide discounts for school personnel to be trained, or any number of other things. But why bother? We can just yell at politicians until they "solve" the problem! So what kind of people do we really need in the world? Not more "do something" politicians! We need more "do nothing" men and women, who realize they aren't fit to run your life for you.

Sherry Voluntary

This is a damned good song and its by our very own, Nicky P! I'd just like to say he does what I think so many libertarian musicians fail to do: not be too on the nose which makes so many songs about great topics cheesy. Kudos, my friend! The topic is so relevant for this very moment, being just after two "mass shootings." Almost everywhere you look, you'll see folks calling for "doing something" about guns, not realizing that the somethings that have been done over the years, is a big part of the problem. When it comes to government, often the best thing to do, is nothing.

Nicky P

If you aren't a fan of the Lions Of Liberty Podcast in particular the Electric Liberty Land segment then I suppose you might not grasp the true origins of this song. I personally like Luke's take I'm gonna send this to Brian and maybe he'll get a new villain out of the take. But his superhero Do Nothing Man was such an inspiration. It cant be just the two of us that sees everything government does just creates different problems with no solutions. Each intervention is us trying to take someone elses' agency upon ourselves. Now it's not to say we can't help people but we must keep in mind the ripples that our actions make.

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Nicky P

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