St. Peter By claire tate

St. Peter is the first pope of the Catholic Church. He is the patron saint of fishermen, net makers, and ship builders. He was canonized by Christ as the "rock of the church."

He was born in Bethsaida near the Sea of Galilee. His name was originally Simon.

Simeon Peter was a fishermen who was struggling to catch fish when Jesus came upon him and his brother and they then filled their boats with tons of fish.

Peter became one of Jesus' apostles and it was at the last supper that Jesus told his disciples that one of them would deny him three times after his death.

Like Jesus said, Peter denied Jesus three times. Peter was able to balance out his three denials by saying he loved Jesus three times.

Peter was put to death for all his good deeds as Jesus' disciple. Peter said he didn't want to be put to death the same way Jesus was because he was not worthy. So they crucified peter upside down.

His symbols include an upside down cross and a boat.

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