Fitness Plan By: anand KATHARDEKAR

Exercise to Improve: Push-ups

To improve push-ups, I will do burpees and tricep dips.

Frequency- 4 days per week Intensity

Intensity: 3 sets of 5 burpees

Time: 1 minute between each set

Specificity: Burpees help with push-ups because part of doing burpees is doing push-ups. Both exercises strengthen triceps.

Progression: week 1: I will do 6 burpees week 2: I will do 8 burpees

Frequency: 5 days a week

Intensity: I will do 8 triceps dips

Time: 1 minute between sets

Specificity: In dips, the main muscle used is triceps and the main muscle used in push-ups are the triceps. Doing dips will help strengthen my triceps which will help me with push-ups.

Progression: Week 1: 8 triceps dips, Week 2: 10 Triceps dips

Exercise to improve: Mile Run

To improve my mile run, I will do full court sprints while dribbling a basketball and tennis court sprints while catching a football.

Frequency- 4 days per week Intensity

Intensity: 3 sets of 2 basketball sprints

Time: 1 minute between sets

Specificity: Sprints help increase stamina which is the main factor that increases or decreases your mile time.

Progression: Week 1: 3 sets of 2, Week 2: 3 sets of 3

Frequency: 4 days a week

Intensity: 3 sets of 4 tennis court sprints

Time: 30 seconds between ech set

Specificity: These sprints also increase stamina which is a major factor in having a good mile time.


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