FAVORITE FOODS By Eathan Tranate

First and foremost, everybody knows Chinese take-out. Wherever it may be, friends, family, and others enjoy Chinese take-out.
Pizza is everywhere; it is hands-on food that everyone loves to get their hands on, with so many toppings and so many ways to create it. It's a fast way to get cheesy!
Any restaurant is a place to get out of the house with the family because not every night should be homemade dinners. People should spend time out trying new places they have never been; going to new places gets others to experience and learn new tastes.
Not every favorite food should be big; it should be the taste it means to each person. Everybody knows what they love to eat with themselves or share with others.


Created with images by Charles Deluvio - "untitled image" • Van Thanh - "untitled image" • Thomas Tucker - "untitled image" • Priscilla Du Preez - "People eating a meal around a table" • Lindsay Moe - "Moody Cheeseboard"