Mongolia and Taiwan BRett, lexi, logan


Gengis khan 1st ruler. After his death Qing dynasty. 1911 independence

Genghis chan founded the largest Mongolia empire. Extends from Poland to west Korea. After his death the country was divided into 4 sub-regions.

Genghis chan founded the largest Mongolia empire. From Poland to Korea. After his death the country was divided into 4 sub-regions.

People's revolution

Won in 1921. Mongolia became the 2 socialist country in the world. People'S republic was proclaimed. 1st consitiution was adopted in 1924


Farming. Religion of Shamanism and Bhutism and Muslim. Known for hostility and will leave door unlock while gone. Cherish horses big apart of their life.


Love to sing. Khoomi singing is starting with a base pitch, then adding more and high pitches. Morin huur- is with a fiddle and singing

Naadam festavil

Wrestling, horse riding, drinking, eating and parade. Celebrated in the capital. Known very well by all over areas on Mongolia

Leasiure time of mongolia

Sports- wreastling most popular. Archery- enjoyed by men and women. Horse racing- young kids


Loved by all. Usually of what they like to do

Mongolisan economy

Reliable on agritcule and net taxes and livestock. Growing upwards a little more each year.

History of Taiwan

Before taken was island for pirates. Was very hard to settle in for many years. Dutch and China and Japan ruled the island for many years, but couldn't settle there, because bad conditions. In 1945 Japan gave up control of tiawan after being defeated in World War II.

Culture of the people

Mainly Han Chinease or people who have ancestors from china or are from china. Divide by language they speak tiawnase, Hakka, andmandairn. Culture has changed a little, but core beliefs are still present. Tiawan people and mainlanders have tension, because mainlanders are government workers.


Like to give out handcrafted gifts. This is alcohol and food usually. Gifts are for weddings, Chinease New Year, births and furnerals.


Are not structured. An agenda may be set, but they are more or less just guide lines. Meetings may get to non business stuff, but it's ok for them. Want to keep all happy, so won't say stuff that will hurt others.

Taiwan leasiure time

Sports- golf, archery, and soccer, muscle competitions, football, basketball. Love to play sports. Like to cook. Men do house work. Like to travel places.


Goes up and down a lot. Each year will make new outcome. Clears a lot of what they do with China. Sell many exports like- machine, plastic, oil, iron and steel products, vehicales and many more.

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