Legal Immigration what should be done?

A huge number of people are being immigrated to the U.S. every year and there are different opinions on how immigrants effect the economy. Nowadays, many legal immigrants are well educated or tend to get well educated. "Almost a third of foreign-born individuals living in the U.S. have a bachelor's degree or higher, a rate comparable to that of native-born Americans" (Facts...2015). which helps the economy. Therefore, legal immigrants should feel welcomed in the U.S.

There has always been a conflict between democrats and republicans on immigration. Illegal immigration has affected how people see the overall immigration. Legal immigrants and refugees also face problems because of illegal immigration. For example, The recent executive order by President Trump didn't just ban illegal immigrants from the middle east but it also banned legal immigrants and refugees.

Many legal immigrant s that come to the U.S. are well-educated which helps the economy. Big companies in the U.S. such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. have a large number of foreign born employees and according to the senior Vice President of People Operation at Google, "without these foreign employees, they might not be able to develop future revolutionary products like the next Gmail or the next Google earth"(Broache 2007).

What about the immigrant that are not educated and poor? Well, I have seen many immigrants work on farms, construction, etc. And we need these workers for the development of the country. It is also true that there are more immigrants receiving welfare benefits than native-borns. However, one should also look at how much legal immigrants are contributing to the economy. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, “Immigrants pay more than $90 billion in taxes every year and receive only $5 billion in welfares” (Immigrants...).

After all, America is made up of immigrants so I believe that legal immigrants should feel welcomed in the U.S.


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