Hootsuite Certification Reflection By: Hannah Jett

On April 11, 2017, I officially became certified on Hootsuite's Platform Program. In the midst of getting certified, I learned so much about the program and benefits it can have for me as well as all other social media students and professionals. One of the biggest things I learned how to do was schedule posts for various platforms as well as schedule a bulk upload which can be imperative for an employee who is running a large-scale social media platform for a company or organization. Another thing that I learned throughout this process is that you are able to put different things into a stream based on geographical or topical focus! This was so cool. The best part about it all is that there is a mobile application where you can do a chunk of things you need to do from your phone if you aren't next to a desktop version.

One of my favorite lessons I learned about Hootsuite while going through the videos was when we learned about how to engage with your audience. This is so key! Engagement includes learning how to do contests but also using geo-search to find new people to reach out to and join in conversation. The way Hootsuite has contests set up is really interesting to me, I love that you can change the settings and adjust the information needed from those participating! Utilizing this on a small or even large-scale business - or even for personal use, this tool could help you find potential customers or peers that are talking about things that are related to your business or want to get involved in.

Overall, I would say the whole program is very beneficial for anyone and everyone that is even mildly interested in growing their social media audience. It not only taught me about Hootsuite but also things that I consider without having access to Hootsuite. I have been given a lot of tips and tricks about posting; like what I should post and how to find the right audience to post said content for. I liked that the videos and quizzes went into SO much detail so I would be able to do it for myself when I needed to and wouldn't miss a beat. I would recommend this program to other students as well as people who are active on social media personally and/or have a business that they are trying to expand.

The only recommendation I would suggest for Hootsuite to change or improve is when you complete your certification exam, and pass, that they show you they answers that you got wrong or right so that you can go back and freshen up on those topics!

Everything I learned about this program was great tool kit of information to succeed in social media post-#Freberg17. This certification will put me a step above the rest of my competition when on the job search after graduation. I can use it to add onto my credentials and education on a resume as well as display my knowledge and use of it for a portfolio!

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Hannah Jett

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