The Nile The biggest river ever!

By-coleton wills

The Nile was needed by the egyptians a lot! The Egyptians used it for water because it was the only place they could use to get water.

Every spring, far away in the highlands of Africa, waters began to rush downstream. As they flowed, they brought rich, fertile sediment called silt. Silt is fine soil that is found at the bottom of rivers. By late summer, the Nile spilled over its banks all the way to the delta. The flood waters deposited a thick layer of silt making the land the best area for farming. Making it wet and gets good soil is the best.

It also is an area where the Egyptians made a trading post there.

The Nile also attracted animals which made it easier to hunt.

This is a calendar the Egyptians created to predict when the nile would flood.

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My photos came from the web.

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