MYFEJ EMissary Handbook Emissary Code of Ethics

The mission of the Marin Youth Forum for Equality and Justice (the Program) is to promote intellectual communication, tolerance, and future thinkers and leaders within society. Its Emissary Code of Ethics (the Code) holds students to an adherence of the highest academic and moral standards. Its aim is to bring students together to discuss difficult social issues while maintaining respect for one another. If a student does not maintain adherence to the Code, the student may be referred to the Program's Emissary Ethics Office.

1 Specific Standards

1.1 Representations and Comportment

1.1 Representations and Comportment

Before attending, the student is expected to comport themself in a respectful, tolerant manner. The student may not misrepresent the intentions or content of the Program before or after attending the Forum. The emissary may not misrepresent personal information to the Program or the Emissary Ethics Office. This includes:

  • misrepresenting financial aid information and other material facts, on the financial aid form or elsewhere;
  • lying to a staff-member, fellow Emissary, or other member of the Program in order to gain preferential treatment either before, during, or after the Forum;
  • lying to future employers, institutions, or programs or to MYFEJ about personal qualifications, fabricating a resume, or otherwise.

1.2 Property

The Program bears no responsibility for stolen or misplaced personal items. These are the responsibility of the Emissary. However, the Program takes very seriously potential cases of theft, and, as such, any Emissary suspected of breaking the Code may be referred to the Office of Emissary Ethics. All Emissaries are expected to respect others' personal property, as this culture of trust is vital to the Program's success.

2.1 Information and Respect

  • Disseminating ideas discussed at the Forum are up to the discretion of the Emissary. While privacy and respect are encouraged, it is also expected that the Emissary may want to share insights gained from the Forum. The Emissary is expected to do so in ways that adhere to tenets of 1.1.
  • The respectful exchange of ideas between Emissaries is vital to the success of the Forum. As such, all perspectives, religions, genders, sexes, races, backgrounds, nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexualities, and other identities are equally valued and welcome.
  • MYFEJ has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, bullying, or any other form of disruptive, dangerous, or aggressive behaviour. Any behaviour deemed a threat to the safety of other Emissaries will result in referral to the Office of Emissary Ethics.

2.2 Financial Aid

MYFEJ has a need-blind policy of admissions, and offers financial aid to Emissaries who demonstrate need. Emissaries who require financial aid will be granted aid to cover costs of transportation and cost of the program attendance fee. All other on-site costs, including room and board, are covered for all Emissaries. Students who require financial aid must apply through MYFEJ's Financial Aid and Emissary Affairs Office.


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