Pumpkin Extravaganza! By Jamison Davis

Listen up guys: it's officially Spooky Season! It's time for sweaters, cool weather (even though it still feels like summer here), and, of course, everything pumpkin!! Pumpkin just so happens to be one of my favorite flavors, so I thought I would compile a list of some of my favorite pumpkin-themed things to do (and eat, of course) in fall!

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I couldn't make this list without mentioning everyone's favorite part of fall. I know, I know, call me basic, but Starbuck's trademark PSLs are no joke. Once these babies come out, it's like fall has officially arrived. I feel like you can't continue with fall or Spooky Season until you've had a PSL.

2. Pumpkin Pancakes. Every time fall comes around, I instantly crave pancakes like nobody's business. As I've already mentioned, I love pumpkin, so why not put them together? I don't make them as often as I would like, but I recently saw that Trader Joe's has pumpkin pancake/waffle mix, so I might have to check that out. Review, anyone?

3. Pumpkin Carving. Okay, I know this isn't really food, but I love, love, love to carve pumpkins. There's just so many ways that you can make your pumpkin your own: make a spooky face, a silly face, or even a whole scene if you're really artistic. If we're thinking food-wise, you could always roast the leftover pumpkin seeds with salt and pepper for a really simple Spooky Season snack! Ooh, try saying that three times fast.

I hope this gave you guys some new things to try this Spooky Season and Happy Pumpkin Adventuring!!