What it means to be Human and how we experience wonder and awe, curiosity, reason, emotion, Meaning and relationships

In your groups your are going to explore the way humans experience one of the following:

Wonder and Awe






Your group has been allocated a topic. You need to do the following:

Explore your topic, find new information and consider different perspectives. Develop sufficient knowledge so that you can move forward to the next stage.
Choose research questions for your deeper research. Identify at least 5 questions that are key to your ability to explain your topic to your classmates.
Collect detailed information from a variety of sources to answer your key questions. Make sure it is quality information and that you reference it correctly and ethically!
Create a product that shows what you have learnt about your topic. This needs to be in such a way that you can use it to explain your topic to your classmates. Don't be afraid to take risks and explore new ways of presenting information.
Present your research to the class using what you have created in the previous step.
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