Red planet ready The Future Journey to Mars

Going to mars will be one of mankind's greatest, but hardest achievements. we will have to figure out how to get there and stay there before anything else.
first we will need to send supplies to mars.

For Astronauts to get to mars, we will need the Orion, a new spacecraft designed by NASA that is the fastest man made object to ever soar through Earth's atmosphere.

Before astronauts can go to mars, they see whats its like to live there from the Houghton Mars Project.

The hardest part about the trip to mars is living and surviving there. Since plants take the least amount of energy to produce, Astronauts will have to become vegan. The plants will also produce the oxygen needed for humans to survive there. Because the atmosphere on Mars is less Dense than on Earth, astronauts will have to consume 3,040 calories a day to stay healthy.

Astronauts will have to live in thick tents or brick buildings to keep radiation out of their shelter and far away from their body. For better protection from the sun when away from their shelter, astronauts will have to live in the Biosuit.
Getting to mars will be a breakthrough in the future of space exploration and the human race. The Earth is just getting too overpopulated for many more people to stay here.
Going to mars will bring the human race a big space ENTERPRISE.
Just as we did in 1969, astronauts will take a small step on mars, but they will be taking a giant leap for mankind.


Created with images by Kevin M. Gill - "Mars - Gale" • Kevin M. Gill - "Mars" • Kevin M. Gill - "Mars" • Kevin M. Gill - "Mars" • Kevin M. Gill - "Mars" • Kevin M. Gill - "Mars" • JD Hancock - "Digital Images From Spice" • Marc Van Norden - "Mars surface - Crater Holden and Uzboi Vallis"

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