My Adventures By: Bethany Callis

This summer I decided to take a risky trip and travel all the way over to the other side of the country, pretty daring if you ask me for someone that's never left the US. This trip had such an influence on me I decided to make a blog about it to share it with everyone to show how beautiful our world is. I was able to learn about all the different religions of the world including: Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity.

First stop, I took a plane ride all the way to Israel and took a stop in Jerusalem. Since my family are strong christians I wanted to explore the land that my religion, christianity, big father figure came from, Jesus.

My first stop was in Israel, it was called the Jesus Trail. It's a 65 km hiking and pilgrimage route in the Galilee region of Israel that traces the route Jesus may have walked, connecting many sites from his life and ministry. Many christians have walked this trail and reported saying that they feel "holy" and "with one" while walking this route. The trail was full of beautiful greenery, river valleys high and low, and the rocky architecture. While walking on this trail I was able to realize what it may of have been like for them to walk day and night with barely any shoes on. Gives you a sense to be grateful for what you have.
My next stop was also in Israel but this time I took a day trip to Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel. It is also home to Judaism and many pilgrimages. It is known to be one of the oldest cities and world. Jesus, the jew, had traveled to Jerusalem multiple times. I was amazed how pretty the buildings all the buildings were in both morning and evening. The buildings are all made of white stone and marble. Coming from Texas, to me the city "glowed" The buildings were tall and high, all along the mountains, they all are built above and on the mountains / river valleys.
My third stop was the Dome of the Rock, also in Jerusalem. The dome of the Rock is known to be one of the oldest extant works of islamic architecture. Its architecture and mosaics were patterned after the nearby Byzantine churches and palaces. The Dome of the Rock is known to be a holy place for the islamic religion. It says that if you worship and visit this holy place you are one with our God, Allah. While visiting this sacred site I was able to see all the beautiful architecture and thought how long it must've taken to give every little detail to this place is amazing.
Today I jumped on a plane flight for India! It was so nice to fly over the middle east and see what the agriculture was like. I decided to take a day trip to the Bodh Gaya. The Bodh Gaya as seen above is a religious site and place of pilgrimage for fellow buddhists. For buddhists, Bodh Gaya is the most important of the main four pilgrimage sites related to the of Gautama Buddha and the religion itself. The other three are Kushinagar, Lumbini, and Sarnath. For buddhists this sacred site is known to be the Place of Enlightenment, peace, and courage. This structured site reminded me of Sphinx in Egypt, just reminding me of what our culture learns, because i never learned about Buddhism as often i did Egypt.
And finally, my last stop was also in India and it was one of the seven ancient holy towns, Ayodhya. The others consist of: Mathura, Haridwar, Varanasi, Kanchipurman, Dvaraka, and Ujjain. This little town was full of vibrant colors with domes on almost every building. Ayodhya is known to be the birthplace of Rama and setting of the epic Ramayana. Ayodhya is known to be one of the best known pilgrimage site in the country of India. I loved being able to explore this culture through the history of the buildings, legends, and even the food. I would definitely want to come back here and visit the other six holy towns.

Where should i travel next?

Have any advice or requests of where i should travel next?

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