Florida Museum of Natural History Ben Coll

Intro: The Florida Museum of Natural History is an amazing place o immerse oneself and to learn about the interesting history of Florida. I covers every aspect of life here, from millions of years ago to the Native Americans. This is what I gained from it.

Nature on Display: In the photo above, you can see me posing in front of the exhibit dedicated to the Everglades. The display puts you in the middle of the Everglades, complete with the proper terrain, trees, animals, and atmosphere. The designers did a really good job of making the viewer feel immersed and like they were actually in the Everglades. The reason this exhibit caught my eye out of the many excellent displays in the museum, is because of that immersive vibe the viewer gets. They feel as if they are actually in the Everglades, and no small detail is left out. The fine detail that is put into every aspect of the display makes it that more appealing to the senses, whether it is sight or sound. Because of its immersive feel, this display can teach the viewer about the Everglades. I learned about the beauty of the Everglades without actually being there, even though it felt like I was. If had been any other medium, such as a picture or a painting, you would not be able to get the same experience that this display gives the viewer, as a picture of the Everglades does not really do the beauty of it justice, like this display does. What I found particularly enjoyable about my visit to the museum was the great amount of detail and effort put into every single exhibit, and how professional and educational everything was.

Nature and Ethics: Above, you can see me standing inside the Native American exhibit, specifically the display that shows some of the tools that the natives used in Florida. If any exhibit were to teach you about being part of a biotic community, it would be the Native American exhibit. Native Americans were masters at using everything in their environment, without wasting anything. They knew how to respect the nature around them and get use out of it at the same time. I felt as if I had been thrown back in time to the golden age of the Native Americans, just before the Spanish conquered the area. I was immersed in one of the huts that they used, with a very real sounding soundtrack of natural noises and native music playing in the background, adding to the immersion. I could so that everyone around me was also amazed by the realness of the exhibit. The exhibits had well done informational placards that give the visitors a way of interacting with and getting context for the display. The Natural History Museum, and specifically the Native American exhibit, made me think more about how I can be more mindful of nature and how to enjoy it more.

Nature and the Human Spirit: At the end of my visit to the museum, I went into the butterfly garden. Its not very common to run into so many butterflies like there are in the garden. In that way, the museum helps the visitor to step out of their ordinary life and to experience something that they don't get to see often. If any exhibit at the museum were to embody mystery and majesty, it would be the butterfly garden. the myriad different types of butterflies and the beauty that they had, it was cool just to stand there and watch them fly around. It was almost like being in a different world, where everything was peaceful and majestic.

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