Fame Game

Designed by: Isaac Abbo, Aranza Alvarez, and Victor Harrouche.

Game Overview

Game Description

Take part in the extremely unpredictable world of stardom as you progress through the various levels of fame.

Objective of The Game

  • Be the first to become a superstar.

Number of Players

  • Minimum of two teams of at least two people

Game Components

  • Board
  • 20 Sided Dice
  • Game Pieces
  • Charade Card
  • Stop Watch

Level of Difficulty by the Numbers:

Easy: 1 through 10

Medium: 11 through 17

Hard: 18 through 20

Game Rules

Game set up

Place board on table. Allow players to select one game piece that they will use to traverse the board. Place pieces at position point titled “Nobody.”

How to Play

1) All players will roll the dice once and the order will be set based on the resulting numbers starting from highest to lowest.

2) The first player will take the dice and roll it.

3) This resulting number will indicate the level of difficulty shown in the chart above as to which card they will select.

4) The player will read the card to themselves and will be given 60 seconds to act out what is written on the card. Players acting out the card will not be able to talk, however their team is allowed to talk.

5) The teammate/teammates will then guess what their teammate is acting out within the sixty seconds. The team has as many attempts as needed to guess what their team member is attempting to act out:

a. If the team is able to guess the correct charade they will advance along the board to the next level of stardom.

b. Failure to do so within the sixty seconds will result in the team moving back down one level.

6) The team will then pass the dice to the opposing team and they will repeat the previous steps.

Game End

The game is complete when a player reaches the Superstar level.

Charades Cards


1) Act out playing in a football game like Tom Brady

a. Answer being Quarterback

2) Act out dancing on stage like Michael Jackson

a. Answer being Singer/Dancer

3) Act out being a model like Tyra Banks

a. Answer being Supermodel


1) Act out being famous on Instagram like Kylie Jenner

a. Answer being instafamous

2) Act out being a nerdy and studious like Steve Jobs

a. Answer being a Geek

3) Act out being one of the kids in the “In-Crowd” of high school

a. Answer being popular


1) Act out being a person typing away on their computer like Perez Hilton

a. Answer being Blogger

2) Act out being the most interesting man in the world like Bill Gates

a. Answer being a Superstar

3) Act out being a TV Star like Kim Kardashian

a. Answer being Reality TV Actress

The Game Board

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