"Sewing is my sanity. I love it. I love the creativity of it, the journey. I feel privileged to be able to do it in modern society with the technology today. I also love that maybe, in years to come, my ancestors will appreciate my work."

Debbie in her many sewing spaces

Debbie has had a dedicated sewing room for years, but found she hardly used it. When her kids were growing up she needed to keep an eye on them and also didn't want to be on her own away from the family, so she set up a table in a corner of the lounge room so she could sew whilst still being around her family. Once the kids were all grown up, she took over the rumpus room for her long arm quilting machine.

"My late teen daughter recently moved out of home to 12 hours away. One day she FaceTimed me to ask how to sew a button on. After 45 minutes, a few broken needles, lots of frustration on my part I told her to take it to a friend and I would pay them."

"These days I usually make quilts. Most of these are for gifts, although I can occasionally squeeze one in there for me. I also make some clothing, ‘crafty things’ as well."

Debbie spends around 15 hours sewing every week. Sewing is her relaxation and her way to switch off from the modern day pressures and just live in the moment.

On the subject of her favourite sewing accessories, Debbie says: "It’s equal between my sewing machine, long arm and AccuQuilt GO! Cutter. The GO! Cutter allows me to cut my pieces quickly and accurately, the sewing machine for the piecing and the long arm to easily and pain free quilt."

Debbie's tip about sewing:" Enjoy the journey. There is NO quilt police and as long as you are happy with it, yours is the only opinion that matters!"


@Christine Arnaldi