Thomas Jefferson What would he be doing in todays society?

Thomas Jefferson in his time had a lot of hobbies and or jobs that we would do on a daily basis. For example: Jefferson liked gardening and different types of plants. His favorite thing to grow was peas and he was obsessed with them. Jefferson was also a inventor and created things that were relatively high tech for his time. Politics was also a big event in his life. Before his presidency Jefferson was the governor of Virginia and later became our third president.

Thomas Jefferson had a lot of accomplishments in his life but the one i feel had the biggest impact on his and generations to come was the Declaration of independence. I chose this out of everything because this officially made america a free country and out of the hands of great Britain.

If Jefferson was still alive to this day I believe he would still be in politics and follow it as much as he did in his time. The way America is moving with the 19 trillion dollars in debt, equality movements, black lives matter movements, etc would defiantly not make him impressed. One thing that i feel he would be proud of is to see how much the US has expanded and how the land he bought was put to good use.

The hobbies Jefferson had would be hard for him to keep persuing because he would be so out of date with life from his time to now that he would have a very hard time to do the things that were hobbies for him back in his day. But if he was up to par with everyone else then i still feel that he would continue his gardening capability and grow more peas of course! Inventing things would also still be a big factor in his life because he loved to create things to make his life just that little bit easier.

In the end i feel that Thomas Jefferson would definitely still do the things he loved to do back in his time to this day and still have a great time. Although catching up from 1826 to now wouldn't be the easiest of things..BUT he'll find a way.

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