At Focus, we aim to deliver the most entertaining shows possible in festivals and theaters. We do this by giving artists back their freedom to move freely on stage, while decreasing the light engineers' workload.

We provide a fully automated location tracking system including supporting software. This way the engineers can use the system plug-and-play, and can work together with artists doing what they do best: Creating breathtaking shows!

about us

Focus Technologies was founded in January 2019. After working on an accurate, realtime, location tracking system for several years, we put it in action at Glow 2017 for the first time. It was used in a show in the Philips Stadium where we tracked dancers on stage and automated corresponding spotlight movements and projections.

Now, our team consists of 6 young and ambitious people, all with background and experience in innovative product development. We work together with stakeholders from the industry to make sure our product is a perfect fit to their needs.

how it works

The Focus system tracks objects in- or outdoor, in real time with an accuracy of up to 10cm. Positions of tagged objects are established using a number of fixed anchors at known locations around the area in which the tagged objects are located.

There is no need for extensive measuring by hand because the locations of the anchors are determined by our smart algorithm. When up and running, the positions of the tagged objects can be retrieved from the access point. Load a WYG- or CSV file of the stage and your fixtures into the interfacing software on your computer, and the interfacing software gives a clear representation of the stage including the Focus system and your fixtures.

Now you decide when and which fixture(s) are controlled by Focus. The interfacing software communicates the locations over Art-Net to your light console.




Created with images by Sweetaholic - "spotlight fog stage" • Erin Biafore - "untitled image"

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