3D boat design Valentijn Dijsselbloem

Definition of buoyancy: the ability or tendency of something to float in water or other fluid. Buoyancy is equal to the weight of the displaced water

My design is build based on buoyancy because everything is hollow, I mad the middle of the boat a big surface so it pushes away a lot of water, which creates buoyancy. But also the middle is hollowed out, so it is light and buoyant. My design also fits stability because I made two pontoons on the side, so the boat won't tip over, and I made two weighty paraboloids on the bottom of the pontoons so it is extra stable. They are both hollowed out though, so the boat won't sink.

Table of my results.

Strengths and Weaknesses.

A strength of my boat is that it is really stable, I build two pontoons on the side to stable them so they won't flip over. On the other side, My boat doesn't have lot of space to carry things, so when you try to put things in they might fall out. Another strength is that every part of my boat is well hollowed out, so the boat is not too heavy. My boat was well created because the buoyant force is twice the weight of my boat. This makes it a good boat because it is really buoyant. If I were able to redesign my boat I would make the center of my boat a bit deeper so I could fit more coins in. Because when I had 5 or more coins in my boat, the other coins wouldn't fit anymore.

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