Want to be an Influencer? be the face of sjp | full senior year experience

You get ONE senior year!

And we think that's kind of a big deal.

It's here (or coming soon).... your final year of high school. Scratch that, your final year of CHILDHOOD (what?!?!) and we think that's kind of a big deal. We think YOU'RE a big deal, too, and we think NOW is the time to celebrate and show off who you are (and that's what this model thing is all about!).

What does it mean to be an SJP Influencer?

  • Become the FACE of SJP senior portraits (featured in ads, social media, and special project images).
  • Be the FIRST of your class to get photographed (as early as January of your Sophomore year for your first look session!)
  • Full 1-2 year portrait experience!
  • 100% custom-designed senior portraits session PLUS....
  • Themed Pop-Up sessions throughout the year
  • Discounted/FREE professional hair & makeup
  • Conceptual Session (past concepts: parachute dresses, body paint, underwater)
  • Exclusive invite to Best Friend session days
  • Earn up to 50% off your senior portrait order with referrals!
  • Earn FREE products through marketing activities (as simple as social media shares)

Class of 2023 and younger? Are you SO ready?!? We have the perfect 'early influencer' opportunity for YOU! Join us NOW for an annual group session at the studio for a personal headshot and group shoot with your fellow trend setters. One time $95 enrollment with senior session pre-purchase and join as early as your 8th grade year! (Use the 'apply now' button above & note your graduation year).

Questions? Reach out! Email: mail@sjanephotography.com | Studio: 217.330.7012 | Text: 573.690.7427

Created By
Sarah Jane Shorthose