Over past decade international students have been increasing their presences in the American higher education system. Undeniably, International student add more diversity to college campuses. However, I often question- are college campuses able to properly educate and support international students?

Hanassab and Tidwell (2002) explains that in the academic year of 1999-2000 the United States had over 500,000 international students in its higher education system. Currently, Lee and Rice (2007), proves that the international student enrollment is on a decline due to neo-racism. In other words, it seems as though these students do not have the proper amount of support to be successful at these institutions. It is important that international students receive the proper support academically and socially.

Some institutions have created academically and social resources for international students to utilize. For example, English centers, international houses, international student mentor programs, etc. Not only do international students need resources on how to get acclimated to campus life, they also need to learn about being in another country and what to be aware of off campus. In the video "Tips for International Students," international students are advised to learn the ways of their community and to be cautions of the dangers that they can face.

In my opinion it is the responsibility of the institution to ensure that international students are supported academically and socially. It is up to university administrators to provide international students with programs, activities and resources that make them feel included in the greater campus community.

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