The Lewis and Clark Expedition By: Kiersten mundis & monica gaultney

Key Players

These are the key players of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

(from left to right)

  • Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He put together the expedition.
  • Sacagawea: Sacagawea advised Lewis and Clark throughout the expedition.
  • Toussaint Charbonneau: Charbonneau had strong links to the exploration and he and Lewis and Clark had trade.
  • Lewis and Clark: Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were the leaders on the expedition.
  • Sergeant Charles Floyd: Sergeant Charles Floyd had a talent for judging land quality, however he passed during the expedition.

Expedition Accomplishments

  • April 7,1805~ Lewis and Clark go down the Mississippi River with the "Permanent Party" of the expedition.
  • August 17,1805~ Sacagawea convinces the Shoshone people to help with the expedition
  • September 1806~ Lewis and Clark return to St.Louis, Missouri after travelling to the west and finding that there's no Northwest Passage and they saw the Pacific Ocean.

Hardships/Dillemmas Faced Along The Way

During the expedition,they had to cross the Bitterroot Mountains which took 11 days. They nearly starved because they had a limited amount of resources. Another problem they faced along the way was they encountered many wild animals. One story tells of how Lewis was almost killed by a grizzly bear. Another entry tells the story of Lewis and Clark getting in a fight with the Blackfeet Indians. Even though none of the expeditioners died, two Blackfeet Indians did.

Coyote: First mentioned August 12, 1804

Grizzly Bear: June 14, 1805. Lewis wrote of shooting a buffalo and it chased him. On another encounter, it took 10 shots to kill a grown male.

Woodrat: Lewis described the wood rat along with its food and habitat in an entry on July 2,1804.

The Journey Taken by Lewis and Clark

The route taken by Lewis and Clark

The discovery of the Northwest Passage and the Pacific Ocean starts with Lewis and Clark beginning in Illinois. There they went through Missouri then they came across the Missouri Indians. After meeting the Missouri Indians, they traveled through Kansas along with a little bit of Iowa. From there, they explore Nebraska. In Nebraska, they meet the Oto Indians. They travel to Montana, then Idaho, and ended in Oregon.

Items and Tools taken on the Journey

  • Short Rifles~ On the expedition, they took short rifles which had 33 inch barrels with 7 grooves, and one turn in 48 inches.
  • Corn Mills~ Lewis and Clark used corn mills to make flour. These corn mills were made out of metal which were very important to the expedition.
  • Wrenches~ The expedition required wrenches which were essential for gunsmithing and for iron boats.

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