Let's Beautify Oakhill acorn day 2019

Acorn Day History

The Acorn Day Celebration coincides with Earth Day each year. This is a special event for Oakhill because it serves as a dedication ceremony to celebrate the natural beauty of our campus.

Acorn Day Celebration 2018

The Acorn Day Celebration is also the first of many events for Oakhill Eighth Grade students preparing for the next phase of their educational journey... a sort of "passing of the gavel" as they leave their lasting mark on Oakhill with the assistance of our Kindergarten students who are just beginning their own educational journey.

First Acorn Day Celebration Project

The completion of Acorn Day projects are not possible without the countless hours from school staff, parents, and students who help with clean up and planting, and generous monetary donations from Oakhill families and friends that finance the plants used to beautify our campus.

2019 Acorn Day Project

This year's Acorn Day project is unique because although it does not involve what one might consider a campus beautification, it does enhance an essential piece of Oakhill's wellness and sustainability plans by improving the efficiency of our composting program.

Alongside the composting project, we are creating a rain garden in the North Driveway drainage area that will be used as an outdoor classroom by all Oakhill students.

Our current composting area.

included in this year's Green REcycling Zones project:

We currently have 3.5 cubic yards capacity for composting in bins. We want to upgrade our compost bin systems to 10 cubic yards. Importantly, this upgrade will also create attractive, kid-safe compost bins that allow students to participate regularly in the composting experience.

Although we have two places for compost now, one space does not have any bins and results in a low-efficiency pile that is very difficult to mix or move. The other space has two bins but they are over a decade old, made from pallets and fill up quickly without any overflow space.

The bin systems we will build are based on the 3-bin models recommended by the NYC Compost Project, University of Missouri Extension, and other compost leaders. We will actually build two three-bin systems and two two-bin systems. Each of our two spaces will then have a three-bin system and a two-bin system.

Items required to complete project:

  • Lumber
  • Hardware cloth and hardware
  • Outdoor storage sheds
  • Tools (Garden edges for chopping food scraps, tamper, kid-sized garden forks)
  • Additional rain barrel
  • Installation of a rain garden in the North Driveway drainage area


+ Volunteer Construction Labor

Is the total amount needed to complete this year's Acorn Day Green Recycling Zone project which will give our students a new space to learn about composting and local plants and animals while actively participating in the school's efforts to take what we waste and put it back into the plant life cycle.

Dedicate. Remember. Grow.

Gifts made to the Acorn Day Celebration can be made in honor of or in memory of an Oakhill student or alumni, Little Folks alumni, or a special person in your life that you want to remember whenever you drive through Gladstone and catch a glimpse of the new project.

*All Acorn Day Celebration donors will be recognized on a commemorative plaque that will hang by the new Green Composting station.

Join us in keeping Oakhill Day School green!

Save the Date!

Acorn Day Celebration Ceremony

Friday, April 19, 2019 at 2:45 PM

Oakhill Day School - Main Campus Building

7019 North Cherry Street - Gladstone, MO 64118

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