A day without magnets Antonia brooks

A magnet is a force with a north and south pull. Magnets affect many things, including direction.

Many of our everyday objects rely on magnetism to function. Our phones, alarms, speakers iPads, any electronic device and more.Most of our life revolves around technology, weather we like it or not.

Now knowing this information, imagine a place where there was none of that. No tv, no phones, no alarms. Things would completely change. Our entire lives would be different. So in this place where there are no magnets, you don't use phones, the only source of information would be through books, newspaper etc. Also, instead of watching tv, we would read books, make stories, do other fulfilling activities. We would have no way of communicating other than letters and talking in person, which would mean that if you had a friend across the country, it would be difficult to communicate with them.

Magnetism is considered one of the four fundamental forces in nature. You don't usually see it working but it is. To fully understand how life would be different without magnets you need to understand how they work. Magnets creat a force through magnetic fields that attract and repel. There are many different types of magnets but one of the most visible is electromagnets, which only creat a magnetic field when electricity is applied. Without magnets we wouldn't be able to power blenders, phones, laptopS, vacuums, speakers etc.

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