Olivia Tanaka Cruz (Portfolio of styling, modeling & graphic designs )


Styling Project N°1: Raquel Maes Photography

Models: Arisha, Mirabelle & Kiro (@shamirakiroslittleworld)

Photographer and Editor: Raquel Maes (@raquel_maes) (@maes_photo)

MUA: David Hauret (@david_hauret_hmua)

Assistant: Enrique Espartza (@enrique_espartza)

Stylist: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (me)

Themes: Youthfulness, Bright Colours, Inocente, Delicate, Summer, Fun, Happy

I had the amazing opportunity to work with photographer and Spanish TikToker Raquel Maes. With a platform of almost 800k followers, the Spanish TikToker Raquel Maes offered me the opportunity to style her projects in London. Styling for these photoshoots has disciplined me on how to style and match the clothing with the photographers' original idea. Perhaps one of the most interesting facts that I learned from the styling experiences is that when there is a limited amount of outfits sometimes you have to style the one that has the most limited outfits and style the rest accordingly without forgetting the main theme of the photoshoot. Styling is more complex than it seems.

Styling Project N°2: Raquel Maes Photography (Vol.2)

Models: Rohan Cassius (@rohancassius)

Zack (@zack_m_models)

Gabriella (@gabriella_child_model)

Sheila Chanel (@sheilachanell)

Photographer and Editor: Raquel Maes (@raquel_maes) (@maes_photo)

Stylist: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (me)

Themes: Youthfulness, Bright Colours, Inocente, Delicate, Summer, Fun, Happy, Street Photography

In this second photoshoot for Raquel Maes, I experienced the complexity of working with multiple young models at the same time in the middle of the road since it was streets photography. This session was very complex and demanding since there were no assistants or whatsoever. In addition, the photoshoot was in the middle of Brick Lane therefore the complexity level increased. Overall the photoshoot went smoothly and the experience was highly enriching and enjoyable.

Styling Project N°3: “Dream” published at SELIN Magazine

Outfit: Maddy Rara (@maddyrara)

Photographer and Editor: Šarūnas Berinas (@sarunasrb)

Assistant: Tony (@a.tonyy_)

Model: Thora Lux G (Agency: Model Management)

Hair Stylist: Mayuko Nakae (@mayukonakae__)

Stylist: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (me)

Styling assistant: Alexandra Traça (@alexandratraca)

Styling second assistant: Damian Mazurkiewicz (@addicted_to_pink__)

The pictures got published in SELIN Magazine Issue 8 Vol.31

Styling Project N°4: Glam Photoshoot for David Hauret

Photographer and Editor: Dorothy Dee (@fulltimeliability)

MUA & Hair Stylist: David Hauret (@david_hauret_hmua)

Stylist/Model: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (@oliviatanaka9)

Styling assistant: Damian Mazurkiewicz (@addicted_to_pink__)

Outfit: Maddy Rara (@maddyrara)

This are pictures from behind the scenes, it does not fully reflect the work of the team, this pictures are only to demonstrate part of the work but not in its full potential. As soon as the pictures come out from post production they will be uploaded in the portfolio,


Modelling Project N°1: After the Storm

Brand: Haus Dahlia (@hausdahlia_london)

Photographer and Editor: Damian Mazurkiewicz (@addicted_to_pink__)

Model: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (@oliviatanaka9)

Themes: Summer, Youthful, Nature, Floral, Colorful

Haus Dahlia is an eco-friendly fashion brand based in London. Modelling and working for them as a brand ambassador has given me a different perspective on fashion and sustainability. Working with this brand has given me the confidence and ability to work with a creative team and be able to meet the expectations of the clients and photographers.

The pictures were used on the brand's official Instagram and their official website

Modelling Project N°2: Al-vi by Alexandra Traça

Brand: Al-vi by Alexandra Traça (@al_vi.accessories) (@alexandratraca)

Model: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (@oliviatanaka9)

Photographer and Editor: Vesela Yuleva (@veselayuleva)

Themes: Summer, Women, 60’s, Groovy, Pop, Natural Curves

Designer Alexandra Traça designed for her final project at London College of Fashion the ISOLA bag inspired by the woman natural curves and bodies. She asked me to model and be part of her project. Such collaboration made me extremely grateful and happy since working with designers and photographers has taught me the hard work that goes behind every photoshoot. The experience also demonstrated to me how themes like femininity can be transmitted through photography and fashion.

Modelling Project N°3: Giox comercial shoot

Brand: Giox (@gioxofficial)

Model: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (@oliviatanaka9)

Photographer and Editor: Vesela Yuleva (@veselayuleva)

First ever comercial shot with small brand Giox. Working in commercial photoshoots has educated me in the diverse types of photoshoot (e.g. editorial, commercial, modeling photography, etc…)

Modelling Project N°4: Photoshoot for Wrenwild

Brand: Wrenwild by Jennifer Kemp (@_.wrenwild._) (@jennifer.ellen.kemp)

Photographer: Rosielah (@rosielah)

Model: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (@oliviatanaka9)

Themes: Sustainability, Vintage, Retro, Street Photography

Wrenwild is a sustainable fashion brand that restores and customises vintage pieces of clothing so they can have a second life and reduce the ecology foot print. I personally enjoy working with sustainable brand. I get to learn and educate myself on how to reduce waste and how to buy ethically and ecologically. Collaborating for this brand has given me knowledge in relation to the importance of vintage clothing and has given me further experience in street modeling, since the shoot was taken in the middle of Brick Lane. I have acquired the experience of working outside studios and that can always be helpful for photoshoot productions, since outside sessions require more attention to details and security.

Please keep in mind that this are raw pictures. The edited pictures will be uploaded once they come out of editing and production. This picture are only used to sample my work.

Modelling Project N°5: Photoshoot for Shiraz Kook

Photographer and Editor: Shiraz Kook (@shirazkook) (@shirazkook2)

Model: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (@oliviatanaka9)

Outfit: Amie Ellis London (@amieellis_london)

Themes: Fantasy, Femininity, Sensuality, Fairytale

I had the exciting opportunity to work with Gay Times content creator Shiraz Kook. A collaboration happened between Shiraz, Amie and me and we created this amazing photoshoot inspired by the sensuality of femmes and the fantasy touch provided by the background and fabrics of the dress. Collaborating in this kind of photoshoot has given me the confidence to work not only as a model but also as a content creator. At the end of the day, you are creating content for brands and portfolios and everyone involved is just as essential and needed and anybody else.


Creative director: Laura Hanns (@laurahannss)

Photographer and Editor: Vesela Yuleva (@veselayuleva)

Model: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (@oliviatanaka9)

MUA: Ruby Halls (@ruby.halls)

Hair stylist: Yücel Müminoglu (@yucelmuminoglu)

Outfit: Chantelle Lucyl (@chantellelucyl)

Modeling Project N°7: Glam Photoshoot for Lara Nasamu

Photographer and Editor: Jessica Ngombe (@jtn.photos)

Model: Olivia Tanaka Cruz (@oliviatanaka9)

MUA and hair stylist: Lara Nasamu (@ffyyoobb)

Graphic Designs

Graphic Design: Various Projects

Throughout 2021 I’ve worked as a student ambassador at Chapter Kings Cross / Greystar. For this position, I was in charge of creating posters, campaigns and activities to encourage the students to engage with our online activities and post-pandemic with our in-person activities. Here are some of the graphic designs I’ve done for the Chapter Kings Cross. In addition, you can find some covers done for a small podcast channel called: Let’s Talk With Davi. They have been produced with Adobe Draw & Adobe Capture.


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