Urban Experience Reflexive Presented by: Conor zaputil

Drivers Edu, Health Classrooms

Prior Experience:

  • First time experience
  • Eye opening and education
  • A lot different than what I expected with some similarities
  • Only things I knew are from stories I've heard
  • Facilities and school was in better condition than what I thought
Outside/Inside School and Equipment

My perception of an urban school going into this experience was skewed. I though that this school would be run down and that there would be lots of behavioral issues, especially in the PE classroom. I figured this school was going to be in the middle of a bad neighborhood, where violence constantly happened.


My initial thoughts as we were walking into the school was that the outside of the school looked like it was in great condition with a nice, new turf soccer field, with some unique areas in the front of the building or some art work.

I was expecting to see this school potentially fenced off versus how it was just in an open area like it was any average school campus.

I was expecting the classroom to be more structured and focused heavily on behavior management, but that was not the case. It was a free day for the students because they worked very hard during the week. Although, I was not expecting the use of language from the students.

Community and Museum

Assets & challenges

  • Has lots of culture
  • Emphasizes the community aspect
  • Traditional aspects
  • Low budget
  • Issues from outside sources

You can tell that these assets and challenges do manifest throughout the day where students are very routed in their ways and what they are familiar with.

reflection and extension:

I gained a lot of real life experiences along with some historical and cultural experiences as well, which was incredible. This experience has opened my eyes more to the possibilities of working in urban schools and I have more of an understanding of the meaning to these schools.

Community and Museum

Future teacher candidates need more of an understanding of the significance a certain community has on its urban schools. I had no idea how much culture came from a community like this.

Museum and Coffee

One big factor from this experience that I will incorporate into my own philosophy of teaching is the cultural aspect. The culture of the community is huge and it really relates to the students. By implementing this into the classroom, you could reach out to students on a more personal level which is what I am going to strive for.

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