Dj Quik BY:Davion Redman

Dj quik was born January 18, 1970 in Compton, California. HIs real name is David Martin Blake. His stage name came from his ability to produce records quickly. As a kid he was mostly inspired by funk and soul artist . His love for music began at two years old because of his moms collection. He began selling homemade mixtapes in the eight grade.

A concert

Dj quik was a recording artist, producer and Dj. He started in 1990 when he signed to Profile Records that summer. But he soon left to join Ruthless records with rapper Eazy- E.

First picture: Dj quik. Second picture: Eazy-E the reason Dj quik left profile records and went to ruthless records Third picture: Ruthless Record Fourth Picture: profile Records

Dj quik when he first started out.

How he looked deeper in his career always changing his style.

Once again changing his hair style and look

How he looks now in the present day

Dj quik had two kids and later on stopped making music. His career wasn't really that long but it was pretty successful. He is still alive but he doesn't do anything now.



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