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William Shakespeare was an English writer who has had wild success throughout his career, and in modern times. He has famous work that is still being produced and used for education today. He mainly wrote poems and plays, and he became well off because of them. Since his death (400 years ago) he has influenced English speaking countries worldwide, language, literature, and theater have all been changed for the better by him.

Who is he?


"Shakespeare, William (1564-1616), was an English playwright, poet, and actor. Many people regard him as the world’s greatest dramatist and the finest poet England has ever produced" (Lander).

Shakespeare is a world-renowned literary producer, who lived in the Elizabethan era. In the modern generation, he is most widely known for his plays, that are still introduced in schooling along with being produced in theater and cinema.

Early life

"William Shakespeare was born in the small market town of Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564..." (Lander).

William was the son of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden, the family being considered Middle class. At the age of 7, Shakespeare was presumed to have gone to Stratford grammar school, leading him to be considered highly educated because of his ability to read Latin. At the age of 18 he married Anne Hathaway, eventually having 3 children together.

Late life and death

"By 1612, when he returned to Stratford to live the life of a... retired gentleman..." (Anderson 777)

Shakespeare was a member of the theatrical company named the King's Men, working with them until he stopped writing. After writing 37 plays, William, a professional writer, came back to his home town and retired. About 4 years later, in 1616 he died, presumably on his birthday, at the age of 52. His burial sight is below the flooring in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church, in his home town. A quote on his grave has warned off anyone from disturbing his bones.

Famous Work

Work during life

"The strength of Shakespeare's plays lies in the absorbing stories they tell, in their wealth of complex characters, and in the eloquent speech—vivid, forceful, and at the same time lyric..." (William).

Shakespeare became so popular because of his strongly defined style in his productions. During his life he was a playwright for the King's Men, where most of his career took place. It is estimated that he wrote 154 sonnets, and 37 plays. He eventually becoming prosperous enough to buy a home back in his home town, along with being part owner in multiple theaters. Even with his success, he was never extremely wealthy, but he was well off.

Work after death

"Appeal and Influence Since his death Shakespeare's plays have been almost continually performed, in non-English-speaking nations as well as those where English is the native tongue; they are quoted more than the works of any other single author" (William).

After William Shakespeare's death, his work was still popular enough to be produced and remade in mass amounts. Even now, 400 years later, his work is used in schooling/education around the world. His plays are also heavily seen being re-made into cinema, along with still being produced in modern theater.


"During these plague scares, there was not much money to be made writing plays, so Shakespeare often turned to writing poetry. Playwrights were not considered to be of much consequence during the period, so he may have also been inspired to write poetry to prove himself as a writer" (Forster).

When the London theaters closed during city wide health scares, William wrote Poems. Some of his fame as a writer is credited to his many sonnets and poems.


"Romeo&Juliet is above all a play about young love" (Fellowes viii).

One of Shakespeare's most well known work is Romeo&Juliet. It is the tragic story of star-crossed lovers who, in the time of 3 days, would rather die then be apart. The tragic story has been reproduced many times and modernized to relate to the audience.

World influence


"Shakespeare has had enormous influence on culture throughout the world. His works have helped shape the literature of all English-speaking countries" (Lander)

Shakespeare has contributed to modern English language heavily. Many words and phrases/sayings that he originally used in his plays are used in our every day conversations.


"His plays and poems have long been a required part of a liberal education. Generations of people have absorbed his ideas concerning heroism, romantic love, loyalty, and the nature of tragedy as well as his portraits of particular historical characters" (Lander)

Shakespeare has changed the literature for the better. Authors look at him as a mentor, even now, hundreds of years later. Looking at his originality and creativity to spark their own work, he truly has impacted literature.


"Royal Shakespeare Company is an English theater organization dedicated to presenting the plays of William Shakespeare and other playwrights of his time, modern classical dramas, and new works" (Royal).

Shakespeare took part ownership in multiple theaters during his life, his plays were produced in them. Due to his success through his life and wild popularity post death, a theater, the Royal Shakespeare Company, is dedicated to him and his work.

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