Mackenzie´s Portfolio Fall 2016

There are many reasons that I took Advanced Art this year, I took the class last year and really enjoyed it, also I love doing art so any extra opportunity to work with different mediums is good for me. I also enjoy being able to learn new skills from Mrs. Galyk to further my art abilities.

My Dragon going into the bisque fire!

This year I haven´t gotten through many projects, I did a few experimental things but only one big thing and that´s what I am going to mainly show in this portfolio, my dragon. I have spent the last 2-3 months working on hand building this dragon sculpture. I started the project having very little experience with clay. The only sculptures I had done were a Whale last year that was extremely rough and a Dr. Suess Lorax sculpture. (pictured below)

Unless Sculpture from ¨The Lorax¨

To start my dragon I used a technique where you cut clay slabs into strips of clay and lay them on top of each other and push them together and rub the clay to blend it together. After doing this and creating a base I realized it was way too big so i had to cut it in half and take a large portion out before putting it back together. Once I got the right size of base, which is the neck of the dragon I could start building up and out to make it look like a duck. My dragon remained in this ¨duck¨ phase for a while until I started doing a lot of texture work and finally added teeth to make it look like a dragon. To do all of this I used wooden tools of various sizes to create a scaly look on the head. Then to make the other scales I rolled out thin clay slabs and cut them into rhombuses and slip and scored them to look like bigger armor like scales. At this point my dragon was looking great but something just wasn´t right, the mouth looked really weird. Finally I decided my dragon needed a tongue! So I added a thin lizard like toung

Different stages of my dragon.

Finally I got my dragon done. I thought this was the hard part but I was in for a surprise. So we fired my dragon with some of my peers sculptures.


That hard part I was talking about, yeah its called glazing this crazy process in which you paint your bisque with colors that look nothing like what they look like after they are fired. Then you trow it in the kiln again a hope it doesn´t look horrible. You can also never tell how it will turn out. Based on all this I wasn´t sure how I was going to do this so I did a lot of test glazing.

First Test Glazing
First Results

Note: I also glazed the bowl in the back but it malfunctioned so we are working to figure out how this happened.

After these results I still wasn´t for sure how this would look because I am using elements glazes that change color on texture so to better see this I made smaller replica parts of my dragon which are shown below with glaze.

Second Glaze, these haven´t been fired yet so hoping to see the results soon!

That´s it on the dragon I am hoping to finish it up to be able to enter in an art show in March!!!

Since I haven´t done a lot of projects yet I don´t think there are any I would redo, but I had started a pair of wire angel wings and I hope to come back to them and finish them they are supposed to be a present for my Mom. I also hope to find a way to make them more 3-D and more detailed.

One of my angel wings.

I have worked on many Artistic behaviors this semester but I believe the two I am most improved in are Develop Art Making Skills and Solve Problems. With developing art making skills I have furthered my knowledge of clay and glazing. An example of this is that it took me 3-4 weeks to build my dragon and although it is bigger, I have recently started a clay rabbit built in the same style and am almost done in 3 days.

My rabbit for my little cousin Willow

Now for solving problems I have already discussed some problems but I struggled with weight proportion sculpting my dragon, which i fixed and my dragon stands on its own. I also couldn´t figure out how to do my dragons horns and redid them three times until I got them the way I wanted them. A few other problems I had evolved test glazing the bowl that the glaze fell off of was one, the others would include colors not mixing well, and trying to work with the white and clear cascade glazes to make my colored glazes move, this is very risky in the fact that it could make it run too much and look really bad. Over all I had some other problems shown in my previous blog posts (Mackenzie´s Art so refer to this to see others.

In the back right corner is the messed up bowl.

A goal I have for this semester is to try new medias I have really only worked with acrylic paint and clay. I would really like to learn how to do the oil paintings with pallet knives because I saw artists painting with them while I was in Europe this summer and I really want to learn how to do it. Also I want to do more projects I have really only working on my dragon for most of the semester and am hoping to finish at least five big projects this next semester. I also am planning on doing a modified folded word book turned into a children's book for a friend of mine.


This is my conclusion because it is my fully sculpted dragon that I absolutely LOVE!!!!!!

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