Fun Things to do in Cadiz,Spain for College Students Written by Hailey Phillips and Iszabella Rojas

Now I know that summer is right around the corner and college students are about to get out of school and into the house.So, students why not go to Cadiz, Spain to learn more about the country and to have fun. You will have fun (unsupervised) and will be learning about the many cultures without having to sit down in class learning.I know that you hear learning and automatically back down but this trip isn't only about learning.You get to try new foods and expand your knowledge on culture (at least you will foodwise).

Here in Cadiz Spain the fun never ends, from early morning hikes to late night dinners.In Cadiz Spain there is a hotel called Playaballena Spa Hotel that holds many exciting things to do such as spas,pool tables, and an actual pool.This is great for you because you don't even have to leave the hotel because it has a lot of fun things for you to do.

This is the outside view of the Playaballena Spa Hotel
This is also the room for the college students and NO parents this is not a suite this is their normal size room.

Next we have the FC Barcelona at Camp Nou.This is a soccer arena that is very famous and holds the greatest soccer players in Spain. However the catch is it is 11 hours from Cadiz,BUT you can catch a train to Barcelona for as cheap as 51 euros (AKA $55) AND instead of it being 11 hours it is 8 hours and 6 minutes.

This is the Camp Nou plaza and "Mes Que Un Club" means "More Than A Club" this shows that to the soccer players this arena is not "just a club" this is their holy ground.

The food that Cadiz has to hold is incredible.The flavors they have are bursting your tastebuds just as the lights are bursting at night.You can visit the Balandro which is a fancy but cozy place to eat.You can come in casually dressed or you can come in dressed nice.The hours are 8 p.m.-12 a.m.This is nice for you because afterwards you can roam the brightly lit streets to see the city at its best time of the day.

This is the inside of Balandro.As you can see this is casual and cozy making it easy for college students to enjoy without feeling bad.

Another incredible thing to do in Cadiz,Spain is hiking.This isn't your average hiking trail,there is a beautiful waterfall with and a beautiful view of the city.You can reach the top of Rio Majaceite and see all the nature and animals.There is also a lot of bridges which if you're up to the challenge you can see what you can accomplish.

This is the waterfall that you would come across if you made it far.
This is one of the trails that you can go down.

If you enjoy Cadiz,Spain enough then you can stay for college.The college is called The University of Cadiz.This is one of the best schools in Spain and has a miraculous view of the city and the dark blue sea.This school has programs for has many different places for you to see all the cultures.Not only that but the food is made fresh every day and is full of Cadiz customs and cultures.

This is the view of the University from the beach Playa del Caleta..


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