Village of Pulaski My Local gOvernment by felicia schwartz

Village of Pulaski Village Hall & Municipal Offices........………. 585 E Glenbrook Drive.
The Village's Municipality

February 24, 2016; The village’s Economic Development Committee and Brown County University of Wisconsin met to discuss the redevelopment of the 75- year old Franciscan Friars Assumption BVM Friary. The building owned by, Franciscan Friars is expected to be very costly for renovations and upgrades for public and private tenants Brown County Library- Pulaski Branch. Troy Streckenbach, a Brown County Executive, declared the loan for 2017 to be $300,000 for the redevelopment. The estimated $665,000 remaining must come from community fundraising. Executive director of the Brown County Library system, Brian Simons, said the library pays $16,000 a year to rent the space on W. Pulaski St. while the new 6,0000-square-foot library would have 66 percent more room than the current building. Village President, Reed Woodward, is confident the new library will open by 2018, although the village yet needs to decide what avenue(s) will be taken to rally residents' support.

How is my local government handling this issue? My local government is handling this situation by having continuous meetings of the redevelopment of the Franciscan Printery Building. Though the village of Pulaski has estimated the opening of the Printery to be in 2018, there is yet to be $665,000 to fundraiser.

Do I agree to how my local government is handling it? I don't completely agree with how my local government is this. The situation isn't the building itself but the remaining cost. The village of Pulaski has yet to raise 600,000 dollars by 2018. Within one year Pulaski needs to raise thousands of dollars, and were not even close to being done fundraising.

My solution to the issue :: I think within the summer of 2017 the village of Pulaski should fundraise the money. For example at Polka Days or other events. With this I believe Pulaski will benefit shortly from it.

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