Advertising Unit By jason

Rosser Reeves

  • Simplistic, reputations boasts "the hard sell"
  • direct repetitive
  • Irritate your way into peoples consciousness
  • Hilighintg how product was different from others on market
  • repetition of the usp
  • Bill Bernbach
  • more sophisticated audience more sophisticated advertising
  • recognizes audience has a brain
  • blending creativity art with marketing commerce
  • broke wall between viewer of ad product advertised





Glossary for advertising.

  1. Branding: What a product represents, lifestyle, personality, identity, values quality, look)
  2. Media saturation: when we are bombarded with adverts ... 3000 a day according to the documentary and that was over 20 years ago
  3. objectification:The seeing and or treating usually a woman as an object IN the representation of women this is often sexual objectification
  4. Gender roles for women roles are often limited to housewife or sex object. For men, roles are often represented by the breadwinner and being served by women
  5. Dismemberment: cropping and fragmentation of the female body in media images which encourages objectification often this is the legs or parts of the torso.

Sell and Spin : The history of advertising.-Notes

  • -tapping into desire + creating need
  • getting out a message + chifting the product
  • using images + words
  • creates illusion that its directed at you, the individual viewer
  • ads are everywhere
  • $450 spent annually.
  • coca cola's ad spending has led to global brand recognition
  • Leo Burnett- created personalities as products.
  • very big history even from pompeii.
  • gutenberg printing presss

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