European Cafe & Deli By: Gracie stolberg, brendan roy, olivia bull, grey baillie, and joe berbErian

The European Cafe & Deli is located on 23 Millbury St. Worcester, 01609 The market sells a diverse range of cuisines such as meats, cheeses, and canned goods. The store has all the products organized neatly. We put together all of our written and artistic responses to our visit at the European Cafe & Deli

Joe's music composition link:


Program By Joseph Berberian

I decided to make a song called Above Ground. I was inspired by a song called “Glos Pokolenia” which means “Voice of Generations.” It has a beat that I liked because it used a lot of different instruments. This beat had inspired me to make my own beat. “Glos Pokolenia” is a song by a group of Polish rappers that call themselves

Bosski sklad. This song is trying to tell people that rap can help make the world better and that is something that I wanted to say in my song. I like this beat because it was something that caught my attention right away. This beat has a lot of drums and this beat also uses a synth. I want to capture the audience attention with my own beats too. Some of the instruments I used include the drums and piano to capture my own version of the beat. Some of the instruments that I used were used in “Glos Pokolenia” like the synth. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my song.

Grey’s link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/157BlScczR5Qwz9jizXEyoE-_wi1tMQwUFJamDsBp_p4

European Cafe & Deli By: Grey

I open the door and hear the bell ring

I see the colors

Purple, red, orange, and green

I hear lots of sounds

Cars honking and people talking

I taste lots of foods

Kielbasa, chocolate, and cheese.

Cheese has a mild flavor

Kielbasa is strong and smoky

Chocolate is sweet and creamy

I talk to the store owner

She is very kind and never hard to find

We offer to pay but she waves the money away

No; It’s fine I have plenty to share

She says in a strong Polish accent

She has lots to say,

She knows her foods and how they’re made

She’s shows us fish, pork, and cheese.

She insists on giving us samples for free

She offers us candy, sausage and much more

The sausage is tasty and the candy is sweet

The foods are from many different countries

Poland, Norway, and Finland.

Sweden, Lithuania, and Russia.

The food is diverse and delightful

All the foods are flavorful and cooked to perfection.

I would love to return

This experience was wonderful

It left my stomach full

And I hope to come back as soon as I can.

Brendan: Enjoy the scenic design for a traditional polish folktale.

The Pale Maiden


In this play, a kind farmer works for a greedy landlord. The farmer lives in a small hut and receives almost no pay. He has six daughters and a wife all of whom he loves dearly. One day, the landlord approaches his hut and tells the farmer that if his eldest daughter marries him, he will be paid all the money he could ever wish for. The farmer refuses. The enraged landlord orders the farmer to work without pay until he agrees to let his daughter marry him. After weeks of working, the farmer decides to pack his bags. His family begins preparing to leave. All of a sudden, an extremely thin woman comes out behind the stove. The says she is Poverty, and will follow their family forever. The farmer does not want her to, but pretends to welcome her on their trip. The farmer takes her outside and tells Poverty to lift this block of wood. Poverty, happy to help so they might depart earlier, immediately lifts the block of wood. The farmer takes the other half and drops it, trapping Poverty’s fingers between the two blocks of wood. Poverty wails and cries for the farmer to free her. The farmer does not free her and sets out to a distant land with his family. The landlord came to the farmer’s hut and was furious that they escaped. He saw Poverty and freed her in order to have some company. Poverty stayed with the rich landlord until he became the poorest and saddest man around.

Setting 1: The Farmer’s Hut

The hut is small. The largest room is the kitchen/dining room. The set will be the kitchen. There is a long table with three chairs on each side and two on the end. In the background there is a stove as well as cabinets on the wall. There are no windows and the door is stage right.

This is the kitchen wall of the farmer’s home. It is a simple design, with only one shelf and window. There is a broom on the wall for cleaning and a clock. The wall is made of wood from a nearby forest.

Setting 2: The Fields

This is where the farmer works. The fields are long and the crops are planted in rows. The fields are mostly brown because of soil but some rows have plants coming out of the ground. The sun is high in the sky and there is a barn with tools leaning against the side.

These fields show how much work the farmer has to do. The sun is there to show the audience the immense difficulty of the farmer’s drudgery under in the high temperatures. There are multiple types of crops growing and a forest in the background.


European Cafe and Deli Guidebook

As I walk down Millbury Street in Worcester, I see a sign that says “European Cafe and Deli.” It is a large red sign that hangs out over the sidewalk. Under the sign, large windows display various items such as, newspapers, food, drinks, and more. Intrigued, I walk in and find a store with all sorts of Polish ingredients and dishes. They have everything from 90% cocoa dark chocolate to sausage. They have jams, vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish, sweets, and much more. All the meats are fresh and delicious. Some of the food is even imported for Europe.

The store is small, with only one aisle packed with shelved food on both sides. The deli stretches along half of the store’s length. There are three refrigerators in the store to help keep everything cold and fresh. It has many items that you may not have tried, but still are tasty. For example, my friend had never tried a Polish candy but when he tried one, he kept asking for more. They also tried a fat free kielbasa which I heard was extremely delicious.

As a vegetarian, I did not have high hopes for this market as it is called a deli. After researching Northern Europe, I learned that meat was a big part of the diet there. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a wide variety of options to choose from in the store; most of them I had never seen before. I saw plum pudding and other delectable foods. There were also types of cheeses that I had not ever heard of before.

With so many options, I could not try everything. I spent my $5 on two different packs of chocolate, both imported from Europe; 70% dark chocolate and 90% dark chocolate. The chocolate was very dark and had a strong, memberable flavor.

I had a enjoyable experience at the European Cafe and Deli. I felt as if every direction I turned I was exclaiming “Whoa! This looks good!” or “Have you ever heard of this?” The owner, Barbara, was very knowledgeable about the food. Barbara gave us many free samples because she knew we couldn’t buy everything we wanted, but she still wanted us to try her food. I ate the chocolate and other sweets; she was from Poland and friendly. She was happy to answer all of my questions about the food and the store. For example, when I was confused about why there were not always English names on the packages of food, she explained they were imported and the English label could be located on the side.

The European Cafe and Deli has been open for more than 20 years. It is located near Kelly Square in Worcester, Massachusetts. I would definitely recommend the market to anyone that wants to try a different type of food, or someone who is looking for a specific European food. I have read many positive reviews about it online so I know my friends and I are not the only customers. Will you be the next?

European Deli Visual Poem

The bright big windows

looking into the high shelves

full of canned goods

soup, sauces, pickles

candies and more

shelves overflowing by bowls of candy

a sign hangs over the entrance

written in big letters are

the two words

European Deli

the products are organized neatly

all have a different design and

have words written in a

distinct language

as soon as the door opens

the owner, Barbara is there to greet us with a smile

there are several different kinds of

meats and cheeses

laying out on shelves

cheese with holes

rows of kielbasa

meats covered in plastic

placed above the display are

smaller items

that seem unfamiliar

the owner gives samples of food

the kielbasa has a smokey taste

the candy is chewy

the chocolate is sweet.

after twenty years of being open

the deli still stands

with various different kinds of foods

kielbasa, cheese, chocolate is bought

Gracie Stolberg, Brendan Roy, Olivia Bull, Joe Berberian, Grey Baillie

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