human trafficking terryncehollman

Because people almost everyday get human traffick and we won't see it or catch it in action age don't matter or gender boys and girls mostly girls.

when your part of this act you have no rights some are scared to leave some don't know the way of another country on how they do stuff so they obey what they say your miss treated and have no plan on leaving (unless it's different situation).

this is like slavery and torture and crazy most people that do this is wrong and some think this a game some pimps give girls /boys some pill which mess with your mind and keeps in in check to stay and endure it which make you go crazy and make you see things then the ordinary human mind should see.


Created with images by jonny goldstein - "Cycle of Human Trafficking: Loan Shark" • Tucia - "Girl in Cage by Tucia" • brnash711 - "self recollection 1" • MissMayoi - ""Your skin is going crazy"

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