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Independent musicians spend time seeking out venue contact information and rely on their own email/phone pathways to connect with venue booking personnel.

Small music venues require some form of a musician’s electronic press kit, which adds an extra step in the approval process. Popular small music venues found in major cities, can receive hundreds of requests from artists each month, which takes time to organize.

Alex Pickert, Talent Buyer, The Middle East, Cambridge MA: "We do all booking through email / phone calls." -October 2016

Steven Matrick, Talent Buyer, Pianos NYC: "We don’t use any platform currently; we have never found (what’s out there) to be useful" -October 2016

Pencil In is an online platform which streamlines the booking process between independent musicians and small music venues. Artists would be able to interact with venue listings and book shows more fluidly on the Pencil In platform, via mobile device or webpage.

Small music venues would use the Pencil In platform as an artist background check/filtering tool, access to database of musicians and calendar/organizer for their schedule of performances

Jake, booking at Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY: "What I’m looking for is some magical tool to coordinate all the back and forth I do with bands, with a synchronized and integrated calendar." -November 2016

Artists: time saved on the booking process to focus on marketing and promotion. Venue search, contact, approval consolidated into one step.

Lizzie Edwards, Lizzie and the Makers: " sucks, so does They charge money to submit and don’t guarantee a show date. It’s a full time job booking shows/tours as an independent musician." -October 2016

Music Venues: Access to live database of musicians shown in proximity, data on audience attendance at previous shows and other shows happening on the same night. More streamlined filtering system with ratings and data. We help to backfill empty time slots with quality supply (artists/bands)

According to the venue database, there are over 7,000 small venues in the U.S.

Studies have shown a 500% increase of employment for independent musicians over the past decade, despite claims by the RIAA that employment is down for full-time musicians supported by major record labels and other traditional performance industries

According to a Nielson SoundScan report in 2013, Independent artists control roughly 34% (majority) of the music industry

In a recent survey monkey, we asked independent musicians about our service:

Go to Market Plan: Phase I

  • Beta test in up to 15 venues, across 3 markets: Busy, Moderate, and Slow markets. 5 venues per market, collect feedback for up to 1 year
  • Develop website quickly on Squarespace or website with Caspio (2 weeks proof of concept)

App Features:

1) Band quality: 5-star rating system of bands for talent buyers to see

2) Band quality open source APIs: Number of plays on Spotify channel. Number of plays on channel. Number of plays on (all for talent buyers to see)

3) Venue calendar/organizer for small venues: marry it to Google calendar

4) Ability to search for bands:

  • Pencil In CEO and CMO should find 50 "quality" bands in Tri-State Area.
  • Pencil In CEO and CMO shop around the app to venues. Sell it to them 1) Sales tactics: “do you have trouble backfilling your venue” “how do you find better talent?”

5) Show artist’s ability to apply to venue - using location services, venue size, "band quality" data, etc.

COST to venue: $50 per/mo

Phase II (after 1st year)

Open up front end of the market: Allow artists to access platform and reserve open time slots

App Features:

1) Band profile: Live and Studio Photos, Streaming Music, Performance Statistics

2) Interactive software: Bands can interact with open time slots.

3) Any new venue can sign up: Registration page with access to software/platform

4) Build out the web/mobile UX (user experience) more: Continue to gather feedback and improve the platform

5) Small Venue ratings/recommendations: Open up venue quality ratings; atmosphere, professionalism, average crowd size/capacity, sound quality, etc.

Cost to user booking a performance: $5 transaction fee

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